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Software Update 2018.10.4

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Yeah, the rollout slowdown from 2018.10 sure looked like 10.4 (or something) was coming! And usually the ‘point point’ releases don’t have new additions, if I recall... just under the cover fixes for something (like perhaps the MCU reboots, the overcharging, etc.). Those are never noted in the RN.
If you really meant 50 and didn't get either of 2017.50.2 or 3, I'd call the support number (main 800 number) and have them check your car for 'stuck update'. Virtually everyone got one of those in order to get Elon's Ho Ho Ho release. Nothing after that was really a full rollout. 2018.6.1 came close. As was mentioned, a hardware issue could be the cause, and there's no indication of it unless it's bad enough to cause another error.

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