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Software Update 2018.16

My mcu2 2018 model S just got this.

Really weird behavior with the Gen2 UMC.
I plugged it in to my NEMA 14-50.
Getting some kind of check power error on MCU.
Port blinking red.
Removed & made a few failed attempts.
Switched to 110.
Seemed like it was working.
But never added any miles and it never stop displaying calculating…
Tried the NEMA 14-50 again and it was all good.
Successfully attempted 110 again as well.
I suppose it was a firmware in compatibility and it corrected itself by updating the UMC.
However there was no indication that anything was being updated (UMC)
Plugged it back in my HPWC and it works just fine as well.
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Also installation seemed like it stalled.
This message was on screen for a long time with no apparent activity.
And the close button did not do anything.
The car was reachable by the aperture to the old firmware version.
Then I left it alone for a long time and came back and all was good.
So if you see the screen don’t panic
What LTE issues.
On 114.2 my only remaining issue was callers losing ability to hear me during Bluetooth conversations from my iPhone X
Interesting log. I was gettimg updates on a regular basis but since 10.4 about a month ago I haven’t received a thing. Not sure what the average time it takes to get these updates. Some right away others months. Can’t wait for the request an update Elon promised a few weeks back.
This is great. Thank you! Let’s not yet cry disappointment. Few questions:

1. Anyone with MCU1 get this yet?

2. Any improvements to browser and/or navigation over 14.2?

3. Any AP2/2.5 improvements not reported in release notes??

My 2014 non-AP just got v8.1 2018.14.2 with new navigation Beta over the weekend.

Nice to see some improvements in the older cars.