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Solar production credits

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My 2015 7kw system seems to have not been commissioned correctly (no Production Tracking I.D.) and I haven't been able to enroll in the SREC or the new Smart Program. No fault of mine, Tesla has slow walked the issue and now tells me that I'm at fault for not providing needed information.

Wow, I'm amazed how little they (TESLA) understand that the credits are part their system marketing effort. They are lacking and clueless about credits and plans like the PowerWall's Connected Solutions even tho it's part of Tesla web sales page. They tell me tough luck. They've run me thru the stack of support people and they come back with "Sorry”.

I find this jaw dropping and a horrible situation for me - I own the 27 panel array, a PowerWall and a 2020 Model 3. Great products. But I'm denied production credits because of an error that has not been corrected. It seems as if they acknowledge their error that they might be liable for my lost income. So they toss it back to me being a fault. Not the case- I've been trying from day one to make things right. What am I missing here? Why isn't Tesla proactive in helping me?

Tesla needs to care about things like this, I've invested and gotten a lesson that some Big companies offer little help to consumers once they get the check. Support and Service woefully lacking and slooooooow. My sustainability efforts are tarnished by Tesla's corporate shield of vague contracts and we're busy excuses.

The current SMART program doesn't include systems installed before 2018......

Suggestions as to how I can fix this? (I'm in MASS)
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