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Solar Roof Samples?

I placed a deposit on the slate style solar roof about a year ago and have a couple questions,

1. Where can I see samples of the actual slate tiles in person? I am in Southern California. I peek at the mall showrooms once in a while but I haven't seen them on display.

2. When my roof is replaced, I need to plan some things well ahead of time, such as re-arranging some electrical to accommodate the Powerwalls, any structural reinforcements and structure changes specific to the new roof needs, etc. I can't wait until the last minute to do this once the solar roof tiles are ready. How can I work with a Tesla contractor ahead of time to plan such things?
Well, apparently they are now accepting deposits for the roof in Australia, and since we are usually the last to get anything ( the model s was only released here in December 2014), my guess is you should be seeing it very soon, especially in S California.
They've been accepting deposits for smooth and textured for some time in the US. However sometime in the last 24 hours (I think) Tesla started accepting deposits for Tuscan and Slate as well.

You can now place a reservation, which I now have done since the plan is to build a house in late 2019. Hopefully the schedules will mesh, since we don't want solar panels on the roof as the front side faces south, and also do not want to buy a generator and the fuel system to support it along with the stink and maintenance issues (we will be in a HVHZ).