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Sold M3 SR+ to get a long range model, purchasing help.

Hey all, I have a 2019 M3 SR+ That decided to sale to get the long range version as the extra range is something we wanted since our first semi long trip in the SR+. I Have a buyer so now I'm getting ready to place my order and had some questions.
EDIT: It seems when I built it on there site a few days ago it was close to 1k cheaper. Now it's showing an extra 1k on the price so curious why it jumped up)

So basically is there any tips or tricks I can do to get the best price possible. Like ordering on the phone or removing the upgraded suspension for Standard (just example don't know if that's even possible).

Also I'm considering a Demo version to save some money but there isn't many listings when searching there site. Would calling a rep to order open up access to other options that's not listed on the site.

FYI: The features I want are:
Long Range(obviously)
19" Premium Rims (+1500)
Standard black interior.
Full Self Driving.(+10000, we love the FSD and use it every single day)
Midnight Silver Metallic Paint (+1500)

Also if you know of any rims similar to the performance ones that can be purchased for a good price and then sale the Aero Rims it comes with. Anything of that nature I'm all ears

Thanks for the help it's greatly appreciated!
Prices went up for both SR+ and LR. Performance price went up about a month ago.
If you buy new right now, you will get your delivery in June. Tesla delivers basically in the last month of the quarter. Check “existing inventory”. Maybe you’ll get lucky and something already exists in your area.
Thanks for the reply. Yeh I had to wait a month or 2 with my current model 3. I don't mind having to wait some but wanna make sure I'm buying for the best price. As when I bought my model 3 SR+ I noticed a thread on hear on how to actually get it cheaper by calling. I had already ordered so just marked it as a learning lesson. So figured I would ask first this time lol. Thanks again