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Some help with CupHead?

I'm having the same issue with a Nyko core controller. Seems like others are too. Hopefully an update will fix it. I'm not really excited to buy another controller especially since cuphead is only the first level. Same controller works great with BB2.
I’m having an issue with Cuphead that is slightly different. It may be my controller. I have this cheap controller:


when I launch cuphead I just get a black screen with a loading icon. If I unplug the controller it says “plug in a controller” but that’s all I get.

is this just an incompatibility? The controller works with other games.
this was happening to me for a while. it would sit on the black screen and load and load and never do anything. recently, over the weekend, it just decided to start working again. not sure what's different.
Using the same controller, and getting nowhere. Side note: also live in Oregon, and have the same color pm3. So I got that going for me.