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Some Toughts: Ford Teaser Tweet & Model Y

So this article was pretty entertaining...
"Ford Teases Mustang-inspired Electric SUV as Model Y competitor" from Electrek... So then here's my reply I posted in the comments for the article.
1. I thought I shoukd have posted my ramblings on a more suitable platform so as to not overwhelm a short and pithy comments section (too late, LOL), so that's why I decided to post it on here.
2. For any admins, Sorry if this section isn't the right area for such a post, feel free to move it if necessary.

So, I'm in a bit of a different spot than most rabid-EV fans since I own both Ford and Tesla stock... not much, but I bought F back right after the bailouts when Hussein sold ChryCo to Fiat and GM became Government Motors. As Elon has said many times publically, Tesla and Ford are the only two domestic car companies to not go bankrupt... and for me, both are good things to be invested in.
I own all Ford Vehicles (for that very reason) and just this past Friday cancelled my rezzy for a Model 3 that I held for not quite a year, so I could order a TSLA that's equally as stunning the MY!!!!!
I believe in the technology of Tesla and I believe, while it hasn't happened yet (like with Porsche, Audi or some other Legacy Automakers), when one or many of them finally gets their act together, I believe the Legacies can be a formidable competitor. I mean just listen to what Elon said on Thursday Night at the unveiling, he said he expects the Model Y to eclipse the sales of the S, 3 & X combined... as a Crossover SUV or CUV... a huge portion of the auto market! Now, some will remeber Ford was roundly criticized for (to the uproar of the FUD-sters, something us Tesla Fans can appreciate) saying back in April of 2018 they were going to move away from cars and sedans to focus on SUV/CUVs and their bread and butter Trucks (interestingly enough just today in the Detroit News auto section, the story ran that Ford is increasing production of the Evil Gass-guzzling Expedition/Navigator lines by 20%!!! because they can't keep up with demand... just as GM is shuttering the Lordstown Plant and killing 1,400+ jobs in the plants and another 8,000 jobs in the years to come... so much for those government baliout dollars helping to keep jobs)... a move FiatChryCo had made two years prior to Ford and which which GM fanboys scoffed at (but now GM is doing this too), lo and behold, Tesla sees the Y CUV as its biggest sales volume vehicle... seems Ford and Tesla are thinking very similarly. And while the Y was just unveiled, it won't be out until sometime in 2020... exactly when Ford wants to have it's electric CUV in the market too with the Mach 1 EV to come shortly there after... practically the same time line as the Y... but again, Ford can retool and as another post said, has the plants and dealer network established... I'm not saying it's a Tesla Killer, I'm simply saying that Ford is ahead of the other Legacies and is poised to possibly be Tesla's truest competitor in the Y/CUV segment... Ford is the Dark Horse in the parallel-to-Model Y timeline for a CUV-EV and based on Ford's strategy, 2020 and 2021 seems to show that "Great Minds Think Alike"... or Companies.
Having said that, the Legacies are years behind Tesla in dozens of ways (in-house battery manufacturing to name one) including the nearly insurmountable Tesla Supercharger Network. Ford, or VW with Electrify America or whatever, will have to work for years to even be comparable and all the while Tesla keeps expanding their network.
Finally, I understand everyone's disdain for the Behind-the-8-Ball Legacies but we have to remember that even Elon doesn't despise them too much since he opened Tesla's Patents, hoping all car makers would accelerate to the endgame of The Mission. And like many things, although the left-of-center EV & AOC crowd doesn't really like it, until there's money to be made with EVs (which Tesla is proving) like anything else, most companies don't just make a mission and turn from 100 years of what works, if people are buying their products. Remember as much you all would like the Feds to mandate EVs and other green cure-alls, Elon himself knows that even Tesla, with the big dreams of The Mission and move to sustainable transportation, almost died with little to no cash left one December a few years back, so products that make money are important... so the endgame is, I hope Ford really does go 'All In' on Electric Vehicles (they have a TON of hurdles to overcome to really be a formidable Tesla opponent), and Ford can no doubt rally the resources to make a cool, competitive EV, especially based on a Mustang platform... that's the "easy part"... my concern is in the back end with a useable charging network... Any one of the Legacies, IMHO, if they actually went all in and got behind it could trounce Tesla with a bunch of EVs (not saying they'd be as good as a Tesla but on pure, scaled, mass production) ... but again, in-house battery manufacturing and a charging network are the Legacies biggest weak points (and OTA Updates, computing power, software, autonomous driving/AutoPilot Data and on and on), but if Ford goes all in, it isn't going to blow Mustang's Street Cred to heck with a half-hearted attempt at a "compliance EV" (certainly Ford would look to not make the same mistake GM did with the EV1 or even the V/Bolt), then I sincerely hope they knock it out of the park!
BUT, even being a 2012 5.0 V8 Mustang Owner now (and 13 year DeLorean Owner/Operator, sorry, even the Time Machine at its core was an Evil ICE machine and Evil Nuclear Power Plant)... I will still buy a Model Y over a Ford simply because I want to be a part of the EV movement (and love OTA Updates that literally change your car over night and love the greatness of the Supercharger Network, something I don't believe any of the Legacies will learn to do, ever) and so I can save money on owning a car, not because I believe I'm saving the planet.
But if buying an EV helps me continue to be a Good Steward of God's Creation, then that's a good thing... but I hope all EV Fans would get behind any company who says they're going to invest billions on a new EV platform... after all Elon opened the patents for just that reason. He may believe the Legacies were/are wrong for being late to the EV party but he's counting on the guest list to the EV Party filling up rapidly for the good of humanity.
So I support them all, but I especially wish Ford well on the Mustang-Inspired EV, if not for the good of humanity, then for the fun of driving!


P.S. I thought this other article from today is relevant given this topic above. Again, most of you poo-poo any but Tesla but just look at the money and resources being brought to bear here. Elon and Tesla sure got the ball rolling and it's beginning to snowball!
Ford Flat Rock plant shifts to electric vehicles, Mustang
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Apr 8, 2018
Could you improve the formatting and add some paragraphs? I skimmed through your post and you make some interesting points, but as a huge wall of text it's difficult to read. So many won't bother and I think that's a shame.

I think your main point was that seeing a greater range of attractive EVs out there is a good thing. And I agree with this entirely. There's a massive ICE market to "turn" and that's not something Tesla and a few compliance cars alone can do.
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