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Sometimes i forget to plug in

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it would be great if the app didn't only let me know the car is charging. i would like to be able to set the app to send me a text or notification if the car is parked for more than thirty minutes and is charged below a prescribed level set by the user. i can get 3-4 days out of a single charge on my Tesla S 75D. i like to charge it when i get home and the remaining battery charge level is less than my typical daily usage. if i park the car in my garage, i would like the car to make an audible tone or flash some lights if it's battery level is low. if i miss those signals, i would like the app to send me a text or notification to remind me to plug in. seems like there should be a solution for those times when i forget!

Or like the other day the charger quit, so I came out to insufficient range for my commute. If I’d had a text saying “I didn’t charge last night”. Or “state of charge threshold not reached” or... then I could have gone out early and fixed the problem.
You can avoid this situation with the Tesla app. Go to Settings (the gear icon) > Notifications and check the "Charging Interrupted" box.
Hm. Do you think that would have activated? Charging never started, so technically I’d think it wasn’t interrupted.

Although, on second thought, maybe charging had started and then the connector crapped out.

Ok! I’ll turn it on! Thanks!

Turns out “Charging Interrupted”. *is* on. So I think charging needs to be occurring for that notification.