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Sound EQ settings changed. Worst sound?


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Nov 28, 2015
Anyone else notice the latest update seems to have altered the eq settings for sound?

I used to have 12 as a max setting and now 8 seems to be it. I’m a bit of an audiophile and I can already hear less bass response as well as high end treble.

What the?! They better not have messed up my sound or I’m going to demand my $ spent for hi-def audio.

Argh Tesla..


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...I used to have 12 as a max setting and now 8 seems to be it...

I too notice that my sound suddenly is not as rich any more after the update.

It's very disappointing that new firmware update has degraded the EQ from +/-12db and shrink that down to +/-8db.

It should be the other way around as time gets more modern, we should have more EQ sliders and more db, not less!

One of the biggest software bugs ever!
The rumor on the Facebook Tesla worldwide group is that this is a known bug and a fix is in the works. Posted by people that pursued it up the chain. We will see.

On a side note, the guy that did this Tesla has his shop near the Delaware beaches about 3 hours away from where I live. I may not wait for the EQ to be fixed. I am thinking about doing something like this:

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They better fix this or I’m raising hell with them! I take my sound seriously!
What we don’t know is why it was changed (if it’s not a bug). It wasn’t doing a reliable 12? Hardware damage? Both are hard to believe.

You might call the support line at a time what he West coast is asleep (early weekend AM?) to not be on hold and see what they have to say.

If the Facebook is correct, then that shouldn’t be labeled a rumor. :)
I used to have 12 as a max setting and now 8 seems to be it. I’m a bit of an audiophile and I can already hear less bass response as well as high end treble.

I'm assuming that you had the top and bottom set at +12 db before the upgrade. If that is true did you lower the other bands by 3 db and then turn the volume up a little? (Since that should essentially do the same thing as what you had before.)
Not same!

I love to feel the vibration of +12db bass at the volume of 11.

Now, at the same volume of 11, and the maximum bass at +8db (there is no +9, 10, 11, 12 after the update), the bass vibration is very much less.

Couldn’t agree more. Yes I’ve has to reduce mid range down now by around 3-4db and crank the volume higher now to produce similar sound. By similar I mean same loudness but with less bass and treble response. My premium hi def sound now approximates a non hi def experience.

I’ve never heard of a company purposefully downgrading a premium already purchased product by a consumer. It’s simply unethical. I paid for premium sound as it came when I purchased the vehicle. How can Tesla simply decide to downgrade the sound experience?

I understand if going forward on new cars they wish to make a change. But for existing owners?

If this is true, it’s frankly pathetic of this company.
It will be the last Tesla we ever own. It’s such a small thing but leaves quite a sour taste. What else will be seeing eliminated or downgraded over time? And what right do they have to do this to an already purchased product?
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Even my 13 year old noticed the difference in EQ and bass output.

So has my 11 and 8 year old. They both say they can’t feel the ‘thumping’ like they used to.

From my end again, unless your playing the sound loud enough ie. audio level 8+, you no longer feel any decent bass reproduction. Used to be at a good volume of 5/6, there was a fairly good tone and feel.

I’m following up now to get an answer to this. Again if they made a reduction in power and audio, will be demanding my $ back for no longer receiving what I paid for. I may have to now add a separate amp and upgraded speakers to the already pricey upgraded audio.
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Same here, the new settings are a complete downgrade on what it used to sound (not that it was particularly amazing before, to be honest). I feel this has been deliberate to silence those with sound issues (rattling, vibration, etc.). If it was a simple bug, it could have been fixed since it first surfaced but it is still present. I have a whole bunch of issues with the X and the car has been in the shop for about 3 of the first 4 month and many issues remain. This is just one more thing to add to the list of problems.
Not the same, they downgraded my car. I bought my car one way and now it’s less than how I bought it. :mad: I always buy the bigger wheels and premium sound when I buy cars because I feel it enhances the experience and I’m very disappointed in this downgrade. :(
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