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South bay extended test drive

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Hey folks. I'll be visiting mountain view for 3 days next week.

Does anyone know how I could get more time with the car. Over in Toronto last I checked checked they only had P85D test cars. I'd be interested in the 85D personally but I think it's harder to find. (Tesla sales loves to point out the insane and now ludicrous button) Also, the immediate vicinity in Toronto isn't exactly interesting driving space.

I'd love to at least get a few hours after work to check out the outlets at gilroy and size up the chargers there.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
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A lot of the Teslas around here are pre-D models.

Driving down to Gilroy in the evening will hit you into very bad traffic if you do it between 4-6. And that is just freeway driving anyways.

You would have more fun driving in the hills to the west of Mountain View. There is a supercharger in Mtn View also.

I'm assuming you are still shopping for your Tesla and haven't decided which one to buy? Explain more.
Yeah, so my driving time seems like it'll be Tuesday night after 6 pm. Hills and small roads sounds like lots of fun. I love to just go driving around randomly on unknown roads. I'd forgotten about the new Superchargers with the new thinner cables. Plus it's right next to the office :biggrin:. Gilroy was just something that's a decent distance away, has a bit of shopping where I might find something interesting to bring back to my wife and I've never gone that far south before.

The main things I'm looking for are more than just 30 minutes with the car unlike at the stores. There's no way I can justify the larger costs for a Performance model, but it's likely I'd get the 85D in Canada. I got to drive an 85 back at test drive (in Mountain View, hehe) event back in 2013, and it's been on my mind since then. When I asked, there was only P85D in service as testers around here, I'd like to test something more similar to the realistic 85 purchase.