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SpaceX Photos and Art Pieces

Since this rocket display could be considered a work of art, I'm posting it here. SpaceX has donated a Falcon 9 booster to the visitor center at NASA's Space Center Houston. Nearby is NASA's 747 Shuttle Carrier/mock shuttle. Core 1035, flown on CRS-11 and CRS-13, will become a permanent resident of Houston by the summer of 2019. Note in this artist concept video there's a cool walkway under the rocket in the shape of the SpaceX logo. Also, legs up, grid fins deployed. Sometime next year NASA wants to mount it vertically. Requesting some real pics when this goes live!
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Wow. That is a stunning video. Thanks for posting.

At one point this sequence reminded me of the Hubble “stellar nursery” images.


This is a nice slow motion art piece of SpaceX launches,
Loved the video visuals and quotes, but it was a bit unnerving and unsettling to have it playing the Koyaanisqatsi hymn - it was famously used in the movie with the slow motion sequences with pieces of challenger falling down. Check out the movie of the same name , which means “out of balance”. Koyaanisqatsi is bad and a major problem of our era, and I see SpaceX as a force against and not for it. I couldn’t finish watching it because of that cognitive dissonance.
This cool photo of Doug and Bob was taken on Friday, 1/17/20 before a dry run from the astronaut crew quarters to Pad 39A. SpaceX has an identical Model X on hand to transport support crew.

The photo was released by NASA, so it's probably considered in the public domain. Not sure, suppose if they were to use it for commercial purposes Tesla might first need permission from NASA. An enlarged version would certainly generate positive interest hanging in showrooms!