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SpaceX Photos and Art Pieces

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Thanks to Nikxice for recommending this thread. Post your own SpaceX images and artwork to share with the rest of us who are also inspired by SpaceX and what they are doing. Just to throw something out, here is an amazing picture (not mine) of a recent launch:
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If you've never seen Abby Garrett's artwork with SpaceX inspirations then I highly recommend you check her website:
Art Prints | abby garrettwork time

Joshua Tree National Park on the evening of 10/07/18. The launch of SAOCOM 1A coloring the western sky. The uninformed might have thought they were watching a ghostly UFO. Shining some sunlight on the most distracting acronym of October '18, most eyewitnesses were in awe of the icy plume produced from SpaceX Extraterrestrial Condensation.
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I love these 2. Looks wonderful😍