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Spam Prevention

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I'm a bit surprised there's not a limit on threads that could be started by new signups or Captchas. The "What's New?" menu is useless right now.
After battling Chinese spammers for the better part of the week, they switched to Korean. There are indeed filters in place, but that's not always going to stop a determined spammer. Threads removed, and I'll let doug chime in on any new checks put in place.
The thing about spam is that unless you have a paid person who's job is basically spam control, you're going to get a certain amount of spam (and even with a dedicated person there will still be a bit). This forum does an incredible job of keeping the spam down.
I believe they are somewhat limited due to the forum software being used. I heard it will be upgraded at some point, but that's not even remotely simple or quick to do.