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Spectacle holder repair?.....


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Aug 26, 2017
Tea Gardens
OK, it's a clickbait heading....

My photo is intended to show that I have a gap where the fascia is fitted on one side of the car (It's a RH drive, in case you are confused in this forum)
The driver's side has it completely flush but the pax side has this annoying gap big enough to slide your pinkie in: it's been there since new but I only discovered it after 12 months and of course it's now bugging me every time I see it.
Can I just hammer the fascia further in or even remove it and reseat it? I don't want to b****r it up!


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Yes you can remove it but this needs some preparation before attempting to. You will probably broke some of the fixing clips (as one is apparently already broken, hence the gab) and need to replace them. Some ytube videos of “how to remove MCU” will give a glimpse of how to proceed, so take time to prepare and get relaxed trips you are missing since.