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Speed Assist and Lane Departure Warning

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Burrito Founder
Nov 10, 2011
The manual that is now displayed in my car with 6.0 had some surprises that I have not seen announced. I'm a bit behind on the forums (life's been busy) so they may have already been posted about. In case not...

Speed Assist




Lane Departure Warning

Whoa - nice find! Shows you how often people look at the instruction manual :) Seems like these features just require some kind of camera mounted behind the rear view mirror. I wonder how hard it would be to retrofit that into older cars. Doesn't sound as invasive as a parking sensor retrofit.
Knowing Tesla, it's more likely to be an extraordinarily unreasonably-priced upgrade. See parking sensors.

The parking sensor upgrade is expensive because it requires replacing the front and rear bumpers which is expensive. In this case the most you might have to replace is the rear view mirror if it's really just a camera assuming it uses the existing wiring. Lots of assumptions, but it's within the realm of possibility that this could be a reasonably priced upgrade.