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spelling the company name correctly

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Want a telsa, can't afford, but could if I rent it out

Can we please get this particular misspelling auto-corrected or blocked-as-offensive-language?

It seems that Google does exactly as you wish


I was curious to learn why is telsa offensive as I am not familiar with the term, I thought it could be some American term. Google search will not accept such spelling nor would it give any result for telsa.

It must be a typo. If anyone cares about their typing and grammar, I recommend Grammarly, it does wonders for me.

While we are at it, the factory is located in Fremont, California. I do not know where "Freemont." is.

The city was named after the famous explorer, Capt. John C. Fremont. (There is an accent over the "e", but I do not know how to include that on my keyboard.)
The official technical method is to Google it and then copy and paste it, probably from Wikipedia.
That is SO true! I didn't realize it was official however. I'm constantly using the cut and paste method as I can never remember the correct alt-meta-ctrl-shift-option-⌘ combination. (I just did it again for the ⌘ symbol!)