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Spotify - Artist / Album sort order: what's up with random?

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Is it just me or are the artists, in particular, in a random order?

When I'm driving down the street, trying to find Rush, in the 150 or so artists I follow and they are in apparent random order that's just a safety hazard.

What am I missing here?
All of my Playlists loaded in, but only about 3 of my Albums show. Instead, the Suggested Albums appear in Albums. I did a SEARCH for missing albums, and Saved one to my list, but the next time I went to the car it was gone. I can make a Playlist of an Album, but I'm hoping an update will fix it.

Alphabet Search letters would be good (this is also needed for the Owner's Manual) or can you use the microphone to ask for a specific Artist, Album or Playlist?