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Spotify, Intune and Charge port questions

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Hi All,

Can't see that these have been covered before, but if they have feel free to point me in the direction of the thead.

Issue 1: When I have charged overnight and come back to my car, I cant release the charge cable from the charge port. Even if I click the boot button once, it still appears to stay in until I click 'unlock charge port' in the app. Is this intended or am i doing something wrong?

Issue2: Is there any way to change the layout of the Spotify app, because the huge icons combined with it not allowed folders of playlists make it a disaster to navigate. Also, is there a way to do offline playlists with the built in spotify app?

Issue3: If I add a podcast to Tunein favourites, it doesnt show all episodes. For example I have one now that shows the current episode back to episode 49, but I obbviously want to start at the beginning. Any way around that?

Any answers or tips very gratefully received!


So I have raised this issue with Tesla, ill feed back any response. Basically, the media apps just aren't quite good enough. TuneIn will not show me any further back than episode 50 of a podcast im only on episode 14 for. Basically makes it useless to me and im having to use my phone instead. The web app and IOS app for TuneIn get to that point and offer a 'show all' button which is missing from the Tesla app.
Spotify also appears to have a limit for the content it will show, the further down the list your playlist is means it wont show. This issue is exacerbated by the expansion of Spotify folders in the app.
Model s here, but with my car, its not a single click on the boot to unlock, but you need to hold it down. Works perfectly for me doing that. I have a polar network charger.

Tunein sucks in so many ways. They really need to debug that.
Shortcuts allows you to create multi step commands.

The winner for me is that it’s accessible from the lock screen.


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You can create loads of combinations and even automate them. So it offers you options say 15 mins before a commute or once you stop your morning alarm etc.


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Yeah it does look very slick. I have all lock screen functionality disabled for security reasons on the iphone, but i would be tempted to re-enable it for that. Thanks for the recommendation Tezzy.
So i grabbed it and set up some Siri shortcuts which is cool. Oddly, open frunk, disable sentry all work, but unlock charge port doesn't. Do we need to 'wake' the car first typically or am i missing something obvious?