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Spotify not logging in

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Like I always say, a reboot fixes most problems in a Tesla....

so if you ever have trouble with bluetooth, 3G, Spotify, mirrors not turning, heck I would even do a system reboot with a flat tyre or a chipped windscreen. In fact if I ever get pulled over by a cop and I take issue with the speed he says I was going at, the first thing I am gunna do is a system reboot. And the thing not only works for the car, but also car related things. So if the traffic lights are taking too long, or there is a one-way street against you, you can system reboot. And don't forget those narky Tesla sales and service personnel (no there aren't many of them) but a system reboot works a treat. And also if you stop at Tesla and the wifi is down or the coffee machine runs out of skim milk, or the toilet seems to be blocked... SYSTEM REBOOT. Works every time!

WARNING: Doesn't seem to work with fixing the wife I'm afraid... I have tried this extensively. Maybe I need a model X or something...