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Spotify Podcasts?

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Got the update, signed up for Spotify Premium, fired it up and .... lots of good stuff, but there's no "Podcasts" tab to be seen anywhere in the car interface. (Have several set up in the Spotify app on my phone and PC.)

Am I missing something? Is "podcasts" hidden somewhere I've not looked yet (other than the TuneIn app, of course :) ).


S-P100D AP2
I have the same question. It was what I was most excited about because TuneIn always has issue loading podcasts in my Model 3 and was hoping Spotify would fix it. So far the workaround I've found is to create a playlist and add the podcast you want to play to the playlist. I created separate playlists for each podcast that I listen to. The only downside to this is that as far as I can tell there is no way for new podcasts to automatically be added to a playlist so have to do it manually.
So I noticed that Spotify now has a "Your Daily Podcasts" playlist that you can add to your library (follow?) and it will show up in the Tesla. It's pretty frustrating to use still (since it only displays the episode title of each podcast in the playlist, not the podcast name itself) but at least you can stream podcasts over the car's LTE instead of your phone's.
I am in Canada and I cannot do this. I have downloaded the latest Spotify software on my computer, I have a premium account and logged in. I can create playlists and add music. According to the instructions that clydeiii put up, when I click on the three dots, I can only see Unfollow, and Share.
I cannot add ie: "Ride the Lightning" nor the individual episodes.
Mind you, I have MCU1 sadly but this should not be an issue.