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Spotify Stations

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Would anyone know what the station button does in Spotify in your library? Is it connected to the separate Spotify Stations app? It’s coming up blank for me.
not sure, it seems to be an orphaned area in the Tesla Spotify player that can't be reached via Spotify mobile app, desktop app or web player. As I noted in this other thread, when you search for a song or artist in the Tesla music player and then pick a result on Spotify, it for some reason creates a corresponding station in Your Library/Stations. But stations created this way can't seem to be deleted, and don't appear in your Spotify account on any other device.
I’ve not checked it out in detail but google seems to agree with you. :D The separate app should integrate with that slot. Going to download it and see how it works. Uses your same login/account from what I see.

I didn't know there was a separate Spotify Stations app until your post. Seems it's only "experimental" and thus only available in US and Australia so far. So I downloaded the Stations iOS app but unfortunately stations there don't seem to appear in the car, nor do stations created in the car appear in the Station app. So a dead end there...
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Stations are not the same as those via the dedicated app on your phone. If you find a song or artist, you can select them as seen in the video, but instead of "following" them, tap the little stations icon (looks like a crooked wifi symbol). This will start a station based on that artist which will play similar songs.

It's a good idea a la Pandora, but I don't like that you can't apparently thumb up or down a song to curate the music like you can with Pandora (or Spotify's Stations app). Maybe we'll get that functionality someday.
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