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Spotted another Roof Rack on 3 online - Any info?

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I spotted photos on Google photos where people put random Model 3 photos. There's not much info given other than a couple of photos.


This one looks sightly different from the first Model 3 photo with roof rack near Fremont last year. The recent one seems to have the rails with protective shells around the pillars.


I'd love to put roof box on our 3 on weekends, to haul stuff. It's our biggest car in the household right now.

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The first link shows bars that don't seem customized for model 3, but then how do they hook in?
Would model S bars fit the same footholds?

The bars don't seem to offer a flat top surface but are sloped somewhat to follow the curvature of the roof.
I could be sold that "they're more aerodynamic this way"

And a flat item placed across bars would seem to come too close to the roof, so as to hit it with any sag or flex in the hauled item. But it just might be the angles of the photos taken.

I would be killer to place a 4 foot level across those bars to see what's really going on.