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SR available on Tesla's website

There is a White/White SR on Tesla's website right now here:

Only one I found. Get it before it is gone! I have the exact same car (White/White) and I'm loving it!

gone =( but thank you for looking out =)
I saw it and 10 minutes later it was gone..but it was up while this was posted for those 10 minutes!
It’s normally like that. I remember a few days after my SA found me a SR MY and placed an order, I found a demo(That had 500 miles or so) that was Blue with the white seats and the 20 inch wheels and the price difference was only 1,500 more than my white/black/19. I was tempted to call my SA and ask if I can make the switch. I decided not to. But that thing moved within an hour of me seeing it.
They pop up from time to time. But let me tell you that any delivery over 500 miles requires supervisor approval. You can order online but be prepared to wait a long time if the delivery charge is over $500. Found this out the hard way and pretty much would have waited over a month to get it shipped. But none of this information was passed on to us until day 24.