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Sr+ charged to 70% at pickup. Regen dots

Drove all day today. To work after just charging to 80%. Then for lunch. Then to another location about 40 mins away. Then home about 40 min drive. Charged for about 30 mins before the trip home and I had the regen dots all day. They never went away. This isn’t normal. Never ever happened with my LR.
what do the dots indicate? no regen?
Well, let's say limited regen. It depends how many dots you have. The longer the row of dots, the lower the regen ability of the car. Charge to 100% for the most extreme case.

If it's SOC-related, the dots will fade away and disappear when you get down to 95% or so. If it's cold-related, it's a bit harder to predict, but still you'll see the dots diminish as the car warms, and you'll feel regen strengthening.
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So the answers you are getting are similarly confused as when I asked this question months ago. From what I gathered of the informed responses/people who have SR cars is that this is normal behaviour. I have an LR and SR+. The LR only shows ...... with charges above ~90%, or when the temperature gets quite cold (like single digits or below zero celsius). The SR+ shows the regen limited dots as low as the mid 60% range (I usually leave my cars on km not %, so the exact number I don't recall) regardless of temperature all summer long. The regen limited dots seem a bit glitchy to me, as they seem to come and go (mostly present though) depending on how long you've driven the car. Don't have an explanation as to why this behaviour is unique to the SR+ (or maybe it's not, and it's an issue with some and not an issue with others). I have asked SC individuals who first don't even know what the dots are that I am talking about, then proceed to tell me that it's normal (not super reassuring when they don't even know those dots are there or what they mean). The closest to a legit explanation is that the SR cars have a slower charge rate because of whatever equipment is used to put energy into the car (charging or regen) therefore the regen is limited most of the time. So my SR+ supercharges slower than my LR, and I guess therefore regent not as well as the LR?

To the people offering blanket answers, I know you're trying to be helpful, and I would have said the same thing you are saying until I actually got an SR+ and started seeing the weird behaviour. LR cars absolutely only show limited regen dots with low temps or high (>90%) charge state. I've never seen dots even with ambient temps in the 42Celcius range. Yet the SR+ behaves differently and has the dots in charge ranges between let's say 65% and up... but it's inconsistent and sometimes 'glitches' in and out of being there even when parked.