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SR Model Y Available Off-Menu per Elon

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SR Model Y is available off-menu per Elon Musk, it was removed due to the range not meeting Tesla Standards, wondering if LR RWD is finally coming..
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I am sure this has been discussed on reddit etc., But my initial take is that "off menu" is fairly confusing. We know that at this moment the SR is available from inventory of existing unsold cars. One could interpret Elon's message as meaning that one should be able to contact a sales representative and order an SR at any time going forward, but there are no reports that the sales staff knows anything about this yet. And they're not exactly easy to reach.

It's kind of like the fancy French restaurant downtown saying that yes, they can make you a burger and fries if you want to order it "off menu", but it's clearly below their standards so they're not about to admit it in print. You might have to whisper your order and then sit in the restroom supply closet so as not to offend the more civilized customers. But at least in that case you'd have a human waiter to discuss it with...

I think it's quite likely that "off menu" is intentionally cryptic, intended just to facilitate the clearing of the inventory.

Very strange.
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How does one go about ordering off menu? Do you just call your local service center?
It means you cannot place a normal configurator-page order from the website, but you can search "Existing Inventory" to see if there is a car you'd like to buy. Go to Tesla.com, click "Existing Inventory" from the top-right menu button, select Model Y and make sure your Zip code is correct. It will only search up to 200 miles from your entered Zip code, so if you like you can search from other locations you'd be willing to go to - perhaps a friend or relative who could take possession for you. I don't know how to do a nationwide search yourself.

Beyond that, you can filter for only Standard Range - that is still an option on the Inventory page - and/or other filters. But unless you are in CA you might as well look at everything, there aren't many cars listed for Arizona or for Seattle/Portland which is where I looked.

Note that some of the cars that come up are "Demo" vehicles with more mileage. Some have Full Self-Driving, some not, but you could ask if they can add or subtract that for an inventory car.

Finally, if you want more help, you will see an opportunity to Chat pretty soon after you land on the webpage. If you are serious, you might want to start chatting and you may learn more than what I've laid out here. I would assume, for example, that they could help you with a wider search.
I called one location (Costa Mesa, CA). When I asked to order the SR off-menu, I was initially told the SR had been discontinued. As we were on the phone, he learned through Electrek about the "off menu" tweet, at which point he had to consult with his supervisors on how to handle.

Didn't hear back from him so reached out to an SA at another location (Newport Beach, CA), who had reached out to me in June 2020 to see if I'd be willing to upgrade from a LR RWD to a LR AWD (I declined at that time). She advised me that she could only match me with what was in the inventory. (as opposed to placing a new order).

I had an order for a 5-seat LR RWD white exterior/black interior with 20" induction wheels, and she was able to match me with a 5-seat SR RWD Deep Blue Metallic with 19" induction wheels (she later texted me to tell me she had located a white SR w/ induction wheels, but my wife decided she liked the deep blue metallic better, and she was fine w/ the gemini wheels).

While the SR Model Y may not meet "the Tesla standard of excellence," it should fit our needs of 90% of the time (my wife still has an Acura MDX we can take for longer trips). Looking forward to being a first-time Tesla owner!
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So, as of 9/12/21, is the RWD/SR Model Y available off-menu in the US or not?
SR model Y is not available currently in the USA. Also there's no incentive for Tesla to introduce the SR model Y with the supply chain constraint today. I do see SR+ model Y coming back to USA sometime next year as Tesla looking to capture that market share. Not everyone can afford a 54k electric SUV.
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