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SS Roadster AutoX Setup

Discussion in 'Roadster: Performance' started by Oricle, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Oricle

    Oricle Member

    Jul 12, 2010
    I've been co-driving and working on setup in a Roadster for 3 seasons now and I feel like I'm finally getting to the point where the car is quick and playful around the cones, so I thought id share my setup and hopefully start a serious discussion about autox setup and driving technique for this car. I've also been petitioning the SCCA Solo Events Board (and failing) to move the Roadster from SS to AS class where I think it'll be more competitive, and to allow the Roadster into the CAM classes so modified Roadsters have a class to compete in.

    2017 setup for Super Street class:
    Roadster 2.0 (Non Sport)
    "Normal" drive mode (not Performance)
    TC Off

    F: 205/45-16 (34psi hot)
    R: 245/40-17 (43psi hot, +/- 2psi depending on surface grip and rotation)

    Stock (non-sport)

    F: EBC Yellow
    R: EBC Yellow (may change to a more aggressive rear pad next season)

    F: Stock Sport Suspension (7)
    R: Stock Sport Suspension (3)

    Sway Bars:
    F: BWR "Hardcore" (Full Stiff)
    R: Stock Sport Suspension (Full Stiff)

    (I dont have the alignment print out anymore, but I know what the shims are)
    F: Max Caster (all washers in front)
    Max Camber (No shims)
    0 Toe
    R: Camber (2 shims)
    0 Toe

    Ride Height:
    (No actual height measurements because I'm running at the ends of adjustability)
    F: Min height
    R: Max height
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