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Staggered Silver 21" turbines for sale - Maybe

I have a set of 21" staggered silver turbines with TPMS 1 from my 2014 P85+ that I no longer need... But the dilemma is as follows.. the young lady who originally owned my car was severely challenged when it comes to curbs so there is a a good amount of curb rash on all 4 wheels... not deep mind you but not pristine by any means... I can either take them to a local shop and pay about $75 per wheel to have them sorted or sell them "AS IS" the tires are Michelin pilots and 3 of the 4 of them have more than 50% tread life.... the 4th one has some cords showing on the inner edge...

Ideally I would like to not go through the hassle of getting them repaired but at the same time I don't want to give them away either.... I am open to offers and/or advice...I live in Las Vegas but travel to LA area frequently...thanks all....


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taking offers of suggestions... no waiting LOL
Never mind I missed the serious curb rash part lol. Probably $800 or have them powder coated which costs $500-$800 depending and get around $1200 maybe more. I would sell them as is on eBay with no reserve. You will get more for them with no reserve cuz ppl are morons and follow what others do. If they see them available for $800 they will think they must not be worth $800, even though they would pay it if it was 5 min left before auction ends lol