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Started watching "Going RV" and now getting anxious and impatient :)

Found the show "Going RV" on the listings, it's just like "House Hunters" but with campers, fifth-wheels, and full sized Class A RV's. My wife and I gave up tent camping some time ago but with kids now really want to get back into the great outdoors. So I started digging around and found that even pretty big travel trailers only weigh 3,000-5,000 lbs. That's easily going to be within the towing capacity of the Model X. That got me really impatient for the X to be released already! The Model S serves our needs 99% of the time but the X will win the day bringing our family into nature.
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Jack Bowers
Aug 23, 2009
It will be interesting to see the aerodynamic range hit, which could be pretty bad at speeds above 45-50 mph. The R-pod looks like the best bet to me since its height is relatively low and its shape is relatively sleek. Plus it plugs into the 120V outlet so in theory you can charge the car and run the R-pod at the same time. There's a place that rents R-pods here locally; that will be one of the first things I try out after taking delivery!


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Feb 11, 2013
Santa Barbara, CA


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We sold our E350 class C early this year, feeling very uncomfortable driving such a gas guzzler.

I have been thinking about towing a camping trailer with the X too. However, we like to go from the PNW all the way to Florida in the winter. With a Model X and a trailer, that will still be a challange today. Still, I am looking to see if we can find a decent trailer with good aerodynamics. I saw two Airsteam trailers on the freeway today, but towed by F150 and similar. I have no idea what their weight is.

I have been wondering if one could carry 20+kwh LiFePo battery in the trailer, hook it to a 10kw inverter and plug that into the Model X to charge - while driving though. Now after 2 hours you charged 20kWh into the battery and extended your range a good bit. In effect you would be travelling with a 105kwh battery. Start fully charged in the morning, use a supercharger to reacharge at noon, then recharge both at the next campground during the night.

This should give you about 400 miles per day in travel range for the long distance parts.


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Oct 9, 2013
Airstreams are relatively heavy RVs. I'm kind of assuming we're going to see a somewhat standard CUV tow rating for Model X. Maybe 5000lbs? Some of the little ultralight models should work but even the little Airstreams will be on the heavy side.

The one Tesla quote we have on the subject said both "Class 3" (=5,000 or less) and "close to 10,000 pounds", so I'd bet on at least 5k, but the rest is unclear.


2016 S P100DL, 2016 X P90D
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Dec 26, 2011
Eugene, Oregon
For comparison, the Q7 is rated at 6600 lbs, X5 @ 6000 lbs, and Cayenne/Touareg @ 7700 lbs.

5000 is definitely not "class leading".

I agree. I just have a sneaky suspicion that this is going to be one of those Elon statements Tesla walks back somewhat. I sincerely hope I'm wrong but it seems like Tesla's having some issues with the durability of the drive units and has been replacing them frequently and, in some cases, repeatedly. Unless they've come up with a way to strengthen the system, heavy towing over many miles doesn't seem wise.

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