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Steering box & Power steering problems NHTSA involved.

Steering Box and Power Steering - Have you experienced any repairs or none.?

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Fred F. Stone, plus Wilma, and Pebbles
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Mar 5, 2015
New Hampshire
Do any of you have the time to relate power steering issues? NHTSA has asked me to submit any documents I have or I can assemble re: warranty replacement or used replacement from salvage cars. Perhaps you could share your experience with the MS steering box or power-steering unit replacement. It isn't so bad driving, except when you are stopped, then very difficult to turn. And I have experienced slight wandering in the interstate lane. You can submit any information you are willing to share, both warranty replacements and private replacement. Submit privately thru TMC if you like.

Despite it, I will still buy the new 2021 Plaid Model S, hopefully with the new battery technology. Love the car and the wonderful features, not so pleased with service. Looked at Lucid Air's four versions, but leaning strongly towards Model S PLAID 3-MOTORS. I'd rather go to sleep with the company I know, and the Supercharger network. Tesla's activity seems to have perked up a bit recently, competition is good. A refreshed MS would be terrific.

I came across a group of Tesla TSBs. 8 pages with 15 to 20 per page, includes MS, MX, M3, MY with excellent info for the technicians, & color photos. Anything the TMC site needs? Or are they common knowledge to most of you? I saved all on my desktop CPU.

Any difficult areas with this posting? I would appreciate any suggestions so I can edit it.