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Sticky nastiness blowing from vents

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Sorry if this is a well known issue but I couldn't quite find this issue / know how to search for it.

My 2013 Model S has recently started occasionally blowing out what I can only describe as sticky nastiness from the front air vents (see badly focused image, below).

It doesn't happen all the time and not a ton comes out at a time, but it's horribly sticky and smears if you touch it. The first time some landed on me I thought it was a bug or a piece of fuzz so when I tried to wipe it off it just smeared, again, stickily, all over my skin. And it's hard to wash off.

Obviously something is degrading in my HVAC system and I'm sure one of you fine people are well aware of what this is and how to fix - care to clue me in? ;-)

Thanks in advance!