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I'm sorta new to TSLA as a stock and was just reading an article that mentioned an SEC filing. I found it interesting, and though others would as well.

In separate news, Tesla VP Jerome M. Guillen sold 1,500 shares at an average price of $264.53 for a total transaction of $396,795, on Wednesday, July 15th. After the transaction, the VP now owns 2,662 shares valuing around $704,178.86, according to an SEC filing.

Full article: Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Valuation ‘Justified,’ Says Baird

Apologies if this isn't news and/or this is not relevant.
I don't know why the press keeps reporting on this. He does it periodically as his options vest, the guy's gotta pay his bills somehow.

Here he sold some on April 17 when the stock price was under 210: The Insider Jerome Guillen Sold 1500 shares of Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) - Octafinance


And here two months ago: Jerome Guillen Insider Transaction for 1,500 Shares of Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) - Octafinance

And last month: Jerome Guillen Unloaded $373,291 Worth of Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Stock - Octafinance
Tesla management is in a blackout period so without even without looking I'll say it's a 10b5 sale. Several Tesla execs receive shares as part of their remuneration package and those shares are pre-planned to be sold under rule 10b5-1.

Nothing to worry about. BTW, do a search on TMC and you should several ocassions where it's been discussed before.
Got it, so the company isn't secretly falling apart and all the C-levels are jumping ship?
Right. This close to an ER, Tesla is in a quiet period, meaning insiders like JB can't elect to transact TSLA. The fact that there's a transaction means that he had set up a standardized program. So there's no news here except that JB is paying his bills and diversifying his holdings.

I would like it if execs held more of their net worth in TSLA, but that's a side issue.