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Stock Wheels vs Rial Luganos

Aside from the fact that the Tesla SC's don't want to change non-stock wheels, is there any major difference between the stock 21 " wheels and the Rial Lugano's from Tire Rack?

the Rial's dont really like the stock turbines. they are curved much more. some people had issues with the Rial's bending when hitting a pothole. if you want the OEM look, check out TSportline 19" TST . A LOT of us here are running on those. big threads here on TMC with lots of pics of them. They look exactly like the 21" turbines and much, much, much, much, much cheaper. They've been independently tested (great wheel), and made to OEM specs with a slight difference in offset and 0.5" wider. highly recommend the Tsportlines...
Rial's look so close to the OEM 21s that I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't own a Tesla who can tell the difference. I also think the bending thing is over-rated, I don't think they are that bad.

The Rial's are also less than half the cost of the TSTs, so for the price difference there was no way I could justify the TSTs

Quite happy with my Rials
All this talk about the Rials bending is totally anecdotal. Here's my anecdote: I have three sets of wheels, Tesla 21s, AG 20s, and Rial 19s. The Rials are the only ones which haven't bent.

BTW, my Rials are for sale. I've had them re-powdercoated and they have virtually new tires. PM me if you're interested. Will post on the Classifieds next week.
I've also had no trouble with my Rials that I use with winter tires. I have bent two of my Tesla stock 19s with all seasons though. They look great!

I have over 50,000 miles on my Rial's, and no problems. I bought them when my stock Cyclone bent, but that pothole would have bent anything. Yes, Tesla refuses to service anything about them, but they haven't needed anything.

I bought them over the TST's because I think the color and shape look better.

I have been complimented on my awesome looking TST's, but I had to reply that they are in fact Rial Lugano's and they are half the price