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Stockholm-Antibes roundtrip – Emission Free through Europe

Discussion in 'Model S' started by Jocce, Apr 15, 2017.

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    Oct 31, 2015
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    To start with, don't know if this is the right part of the Forum, but could not figure out a better place to put it in?

    This might be a little ”late”, but finally took the time to translate this to English.
    (Please have some understanding if the English is not perfect, but please also correct me ;) )

    Last Easter (2016) I took a “quick” tour from Stockholm, Sweden to Antibes, France and back (about 5000 km/ 3000 miles roundtrip) to surprise my Grandmother that lives there.
    This is the greater part of Europe North<->South.

    Dad and his wife who already had planned going there took a flight there, but kept my secret from grandma! :)

    Warning, this Post may contain way too many pictures of Superchargers ;)

    Stockholm-Antibes roundtrip – Emission Free
    (Part One, see replies to see the rest)

    My depiction and thoughts

    At the moment my Tesla was about three weeks old, so I thought that this would be the perfect test to see how the Supercharger-network works, and also a test between me and the car.
    I was quite curious of how I would manage to sit for long periods of time in the car and how well the Autopilot would work. (How much would I be able to use it?)

    I started on the Wednesday before Easter north of Stockholm where I work (Märsta) with about 95% charge.

    This is the suggested route:


    I choose to go on the route via Trelleborg and taking the Night-Ferry to Travemünde in Germany. It would be a perfect time to sleep a little while still moving south.

    I had a small hope of being able to charge on the ferry as well, even if they at the booking officially had said no.

    So my trip for the day looked like this: (Had to put Trelleborg as my destination instead of Antibes since the Navi doesn’t allow for alternate routes.) [​IMG]

    After a stop at my home in Solna, closer to Stockholm, to get my sunglasses, me and my shitty companion was on the way!


    Then it was just to start working my way south, first stop in Tystberga / Sillekrog Supercharger:



    I chose to stop for a couple of minutes more than Tesla suggested, since I know that my right foot can be quite heavy, but also since I had zero experience of longer road trips with Tesla/Electric cars, and wanted to have some margins.

    So far so good, some traffic through Stockholm, but after Södertälje everything looked good.
    Autopilot engaged almost all the time!

    Next stop was Ödeshög Supercharger, with a longer charging-stop, so I had some dinner at the time.
    I had heard very well of the next Supercharger, especially for dinner, but I was too hungry to wait.
    But saved myself for dessert ;)

    I also missed the exit to Ödeshög. The Combo of talking on the phone and using Autopilot was not good, since the phone mutes the AP voice…)

    This gave me a detour of about 25 km (16 miles) and about 20 minute, that also made me have to charge for a longer time.




    Then just keep on going, Spotify running and Toftaholm / Lagan Supercharger set as next charging stop while the sun is setting. [​IMG]

    Lagans Supercharger:


    Good Dessert (Hot Chocolate in the cup, I don’t drink coffee ;) ) [​IMG]

    Huge cred to the employees at Toftaholm, very good personnel and I will definitely visit this place again, even if I don’t need to charge!

    After a really nice discussion with the waitress about Tesla as a car (and a bad attempt of getting her to join me on my trip ;) ) it was time to go.

    According to the navi I would make it to Trelleborg with a few percent left, but since I didn’t know If I would be able to charge at the ferry I set my sight on Löddeköpinge supercharger.

    Before setting the Supercharger as my goal it looked like this: [​IMG]

    That’s a REALLY good function in the navi.

    Somewhere at this point I am starting to realize that my extra time at the Superchargers, my missed exit and some of the traffic in the beginning have messed up my time-planning.

    After some googling and help from a friend, I get the number directly to the ferry Terminal and give them a call.

    They tell me that I normally have to be in place about 1 hour before departure, and checked in 30 minutes before departure.

    I check the navi and do some math with the needed time to charge and realize that if everything goes smoothly, I will make it with about 20 minutes to spare.

    They check with the crew on the ferry and tells me ”If you are here 15 minutes before departure, it’s ok. If you get more late than that, let us know, then we might have to leave without you...”

    Well, said and done, I keep on rolling. Thinking about what I read earlier: “Best average speed between superchargers is 160 km/h (100 mph)”. But I keep a more moderate speed, to not lose my license.

    I also check where my next Supercharger after the ferry is (the first one in Germany, Braak), and calculate how long I have to charge. And Yes, still adds a few minutes.

    My last charging-stop in Sweden, Löddeköpinge Supercharger: [​IMG]

    Under the whole trip this part is the only part where I had some anxiety about the range!
    Looking back it feels like it was only to not knowing the car and charging routines.

    When I leave the Supercharger in Löddeköpinge everything looks good. Should make it to the Ferry with about 20-25 minutes before departure.

    When I pass the city of Malmö I see the message ”Rerouting due to traffic” and my margin shrinks!

    Well, finally I get to the check in with about 20 minutes. And what do I see, there is a line of cars!
    Woho, I’m not that late Is what I’m thinking!
    After about 5 minutes in the cue I reach the check in, the lady looks VERY surprised when I’m telling her I’m going to Travemünde, everybody else is checking in for a ferry leaving in the morning, to another destination.

    After some quick words over the Walkie Talkie she waves me through directly pass everybody.

    I drive up on ramp to the ferry, and there are 3 guys literally standing and waiting, holding the ferry, only for me.
    When passing them I ask them if there is a possibility to charge the car in one of the outlets for the cooling trucks. (I have an adapter ;) )

    They tell me that they can’t let me do that (but I can hear in their voices that normally they might have been persuaded, but since my late arrival I don’t feel like I’m in a position to talk them in to it. So I accept their no for an answer.

    So close to charging, but still so far away ;) [​IMG]

    Seen from an environmental point of view it’s probably better not to charge here, since the electricity from the ship probably comes from some quite bad oil.

    My Luxury Cabin for the night:


    Good morning Travemünde:


    I roll of the ferry, without any kind of border control.

    Since the connection to the cell-network was lost during the night It takes quite a while without any connection, but I do a reboot of the screen and it gets connected again.

    I drive the 60 km (37 miles) to my first supercharger in Germany, and of course with Rammstein from Spotify on loud volume ;)

    Supercharger Braak:


    I get some breakfast while the car is charging for about 35 minutes according to the navi. [​IMG]

    From here it’s ”German-Autobahn”. For you that does not knot, quite monotonously and basically just transporting yourself. Though very efficient transport!

    The roads are good and the weather as well, and not as much traffic as I had waited for (probably because of Easter-time). So just “eating” the miles.

    On these kinds of roads, the Autopilot works almost flawless, and people in Germany are a lot better drivers than in Sweden, so the driving is, even though high speeds, very relaxed.

    Max speed for the Autopilot is 150 km/h (93 mph, don’t know if it’s more even MPH number in the US?), but for the “No Speed Limit” parts of the Autobahn, this is quite a good speed.

    (Even though I definitely tested what the car can do, but more about that later!

    In the opposite direction I meet a classic German ”Stau” (Traffic Jam for miles where cars are just standing still for hours) [​IMG]

    Feeling lucky that it is not in my direction, and hoping for that I won’t get a stop like this (it can be quite common in Germany).(And I do not get a stop like this on the whole trip J )

    Next stop is Supercharger Rhüden


    Just eating miles and aiming for Malsfeld Supercharger:


    And feeling like a real German Lunch! [​IMG]

    The Roadside Diners are a lot better in Germany than in Sweden.

    Keeps on rolling without anything spectacular happening, next stop is Gramschatzer Supercharger


    First stop that I actually get company from more Teslas. The White/green had been on a show, full custom interior and some other fun stuff.

    Also an Autobahn-chapel [​IMG]

    Aiming for a last charge in Germany on Aichstetten Supercharger, but after a While I’m getting an error message about “Driver Assistance Features not working”. Calling the Tesla Support and gets the info that they can probably solve this with a “restart”.


    Therefore I chose a stop at the Ellwangen Supercharger:


    The problem disappears after the restart
    Note: Back home I booked a time for this because the problem came back after this trip and they changed the front camera.

    Finally at Aichstetten Supercharger:


    Takes the opportunity to get some drinks and candy since I’m feeling a little bit hungry, but want to wait to eat until I’m in Switzerland. I’m thinking that the food there is better.

    It starts to get dark and I’m realizing I’m in the Alps, because “up in the sky” you can see lights. (That is actually houses/villages on the mountainsides)

    Passing the border to Switzerland, there is no real border control here either, just an empty house.

    Not the best lights, but far from as bad as I have read.
    (The EU-Version has less power in the lights because of different regulations here)


    First Charging in Switzerland, Maienfeld Supercharger:


    I’m thinking I can get a nice dinner here, since there is a hotel next to the Supercharger.

    Well, though to my disappointment when they tell me that everything on the menu takes “at LEAST 30 minutes”, so I choose a Grilled Cheese and Ham Sandwich, thinking it will go fast to get it…that takes 20 minutes before landing at my table. But still tasted good!

    My plan was to drive for about 30-60 minutes and try to find a Hotel with a charging overnight.

    When I start rolling I search for some hotels and realize that the only larger community is the city of Chur (Pronounced “Kor”), within hours in the right direction. And that is only about 15 minutes away. Thinking about going back to Maienfeld and checking in at the hotel by the Supercharger.
    Does some googling and finds out that price-wise it doesn’t matter and gets the thought that “20 minutes tonight is 20 minutes less tomorrow, better than nothing.”

    Taking the exit to Chur and see a big sign with ”Hotel” on what looks like a lower class hotel, asks in the front desk for possibility to charge. The price for the Room was ok 150 cfh (Swizz currency) without breakfast and 170 cfh with breakfast.
    Charging would be a problem though (even though that I explain that I only need a regular outlet).

    Rolling out from that hotel, looking for some hotels, finds one that looks..well luxurious to say the least, and also brand new.
    Calls them before I go there, asking for a room and if they any possibility to charge the car during the night.
    “Yes, of course. Charging avaible in the garage and rooms avaible”. Expecting to hear a really high price. ”130 CHF including parking/charging and a large breakfast buffet”.

    ”Good, I’ll be there in a couple of minutes” is my answer.

    City West Hotel, highly recommended.


    Checking in and goes down to the garage.


    Here I see that in Switzerland they have their own outlets. Not European standard (Switzerland is out of the European Union this could be one of the reasons)
    The front desk lends me a travel-adaptor: [​IMG]

    Only manages to charge with 6A (normally you get 10-16A out of these sockets, maximum 13A with Tesla though).
    Well I do get a few miles during the night at least.

    Take a walk round in the beautiful city to stretch my legs before bedtime.
    The room was GREAT, and I was alone in the breakfast lounge in the morning. (Now it is “Good Friday” so that is probably why)

    This is what I woke up to:

    And during the night my car had shrinked ;)

    I knew that this part of the trip would be a lot nicer to drive.
    When you see the mountains of the alps stretching far above the road, the only thing you can do is ENJOY!


    I had a small hope of being able to driver over the mountain to San Bernadino, using the San Bernadinopass.

    Unfortunately it was still closed for the season, so didn’t come far: [​IMG]

    Look closely, you can see the road winding up the mountainside

    I really need to go here sometime during summer, when the pass is open.

    So, instead of over the mountain, I went through it. The massive tunnel end sup just in San Bernadino. Looks like a really cute small town. [​IMG]


    From there the trip started going downwards. Getting a ”minus consumption”, in other words, only regenerating. Theoretically I could go forever like this ;)



    Could have skipped this stop, but just to be on the safe side I stoped at the Monte Ceneri Supercharger: [​IMG]

    Company of a Norwegian with the same color as my car, but with the rims I really want. Do you think he would notice if I switched during the charging? ;)

    Here is where I really noticed that I had come out on the south side of the Alps, in just about one hour the temperature went from 5 C (about 40 F) to 18 C (about 65 F)! Starting to feel that I was getting closer to the goal!

    The border crossing to Italy, in Chiasso/Como, at least some customs personnel, but no car was stopped/searched while I was in line.


    First stop in Italy, took a longer break for lunch, of course a pizza! [​IMG]

    I ate the pizza at Supercharger Dorno. A pretty boring / crowded roadside restaurant. Very crowded at this point (on the return-trip almost empty).

    The roads in Italy were really nice and not much traffic, so worked myself down towards the coast. Also realizing that the camera can be used to look at some Italian stallions: [​IMG]

    Down by the coast I aim for Varazze Supercharger that had a really nice scenic location. (But both me and the Tesla missed a turn even though there were signs ;) ) [​IMG]

    Since this is the last Supercharger before the final destination Antibes (the next one is about 50 km / 30 miles past Antibes) I make the decision to charge a little bit longer.

    Took a walk out on the pier to enjoy the scenery: [​IMG]

    Made a call to my father and we are realizing that the time of my arrival will be just about when they are going to go for dinner. So dad will ”call for a cab” to Grandma’s apartment.

    So when they go down to catch the cab, I am standing there. Grandma was REALLY surprised J

    So even though that the journey was far from over (going back home ;) ), the goal was achieved! [​IMG]

    Happy Grandmother!

    Edit: See next post for the rest of the story, to many images!
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  2. Jocce

    Jocce Member

    Oct 31, 2015
    Part Two:

    We enjoy a divine dinner at my Grandmothers favorite restaurant: [​IMG]


    Dad also had fixed parking in the hotel garage, with charging and everything J (Hotell Josse, really nice hotel if you are ever in Antibes) [​IMG]

    Not connected yet

    Enjoy a really good night sleep and wake up to a bright and sunny day in Antibes [​IMG]

    Of course we go up to my grandmother, to see here and also to enjoy the view [​IMG]

    Also, the Tesla goes grocery shopping, to help grandma get everything for the Easter dinner, but somehow I get stuck in this section of the store ;) [​IMG]

    We enjoy a good lunch down in Antibes:

    Moules Marinières

    After dropping of grandma, we go to Nice to check it out. Since I’ve charged during the night the range is not an issue, not now, and not for the trip home the next day.

    I let dad inspect and drive the car, I get in to the backseat, and that feels after all these miles, a little bit odd sitting in the back. [​IMG]




    A little bit tight to get in for a ”non-agile” of 186 cm (a little bit more than 6 feet 1 inch). Finally inside I sit quite ok, but for a person of my length a longer trip is probably not the most comfortable.

    Of course we enjoy the spring in Nice [​IMG]



    After a really nice Easter dinner cooked by my Grandmother, consisting of among other things local lamb, I will sleep really good!

    During the night the shift to Daylight Savings time will occur, so I will get an hour less sleep, but that will probably be fine!

    The car is getting charged in the garage during the night. In the morning I have about 80% State of Charge , so this will be enough.
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  3. Jocce

    Jocce Member

    Oct 31, 2015
    Part Three:

    So now it’s basically just to mirror the trip back home!

    Just after exiting Antibes I get an error message when that the Tire Pressure sensor is not working [​IMG]

    I turn in to a gas station (feeling out of my element already ;) ), and the tire pressure is ok.

    Of course I try to restart the screen, all of the car, and also doing a reset of the tire pressure system in the menu, but no result. (Later after returning home they changed the sensor and it was fixed).
    After looking in the display I can see that it is the passenger side rear tire that does not give any signal.

    Approaching Dorno Supercharger the signal returns, and I see it almost every time I go slow, the signal comes back and disappear when going faster. [​IMG]

    As last time here, I take a walk in the marina, and thinking about if there are any Electric Boats. But It’s probably harder to charge in the middle of the ocean ;)
    (Closer to shore or in an archipelago it should not be any problem though)


    Going north, via Dorno:


    A lot of these toll booths both in France and Italy. (Does not exist in Sweden): [​IMG]

    The Italian ones are a lot faster than the French ones

    At the Monte Ceneri Supercharger it’s about time for lunch, with a spectacular view: [​IMG]


    REALLY good local Mozzarella!

    Then I just enjoy the view when I’m working my way home: [​IMG]


    The road up to San Bernadino from Mesocco is very entertaining [​IMG]


    Some Classic ”Snow tunnels” [​IMG]


    Chagrin in Maienfeld again, this time it gets quite full during my charging: [​IMG]

    When looking at the map I see that from this point I can reach all of the Superchargers in Switzerland in one charge!

    Getting the feeling that I will return to Switzerland with the Tesla

    Well needed quick spray-off about 150 yards from the Supercharger [​IMG]

    I drive directly to Ulm Supercharger


    At Ulm something ”fun” happens. While I’m in the car charging, a small Electric Smart rolls in and starts to connect to the Supercharger.

    I get a little bit curious if they are doing some kind of collaboration with Tesla and Smart or something like that
    I get out and see that he has connected the cable: [​IMG]

    But I see that he has some trouble and it is not charging. I explain to him that the Superchargers are only for Teslas.

    He fiddles around a little bit, and realizes that it won’t charge, even though it identifies the cable, but then he can’t disconnect the cable:


    Trying to help him get it to release, he consults the manual but nothing seems to help

    I feel that I am at no use, so I go to use the restroom instead.

    When I get back, he is gone, so somehow he managed to disconnect.

    Aiming for Ellwangen Supercharger for a short Stop: [​IMG]

    Get to see a really nice sunset: [​IMG]

    Empty nice Autobahn stretches with no speed limits. As mentioned earlier, 150 km/h is a good speed for this: [​IMG]

    In Germany they welcome the spring during Easter! [​IMG]

    I stop for a little longer stop with dinner at Gramschatzer Wald Supercharger, where I meet a Fiat-driving German that has been living in Sweden, and therefore starts speaking Swedish to me.
    He is really interested and wants to know everything about the Tesla. We speak for about half an hour before it is time for him to leave.

    I catch a quick bite: [​IMG]

    I make a quick stop at Malsfeld Supercharger, stretching my legs and emptying the blatter before going on.

    Checking the clock and plan to drive to Rhüden Supercharger before calling it a night. Google tells me that there is a hotel just by the Supercharger.

    Automatic Check In: [​IMG]

    Another Luxury Room ;) [​IMG]


    I get up in the morning an realize that Autobahn is empty (Easter Monday), that it is dry and that this is one of the ”no speed limit” parts of the Autobahn:

    Am I finally going to see what the car is made of?

    And yes..she did well!

    Breakfast on Bispingen Supercharger, which has an indoor skiing facility. (With a hotel) I eat an ok Breakfast, but a little bit overpriced. [​IMG]

    With a view of the slopes. Though didn’t open until another hour [​IMG]

    Then I head for the Braak Supercharger, where I am thinking of charging a little bit extra, since it’s the last one in Germany
    This is the first place where I see some ICE-cars on the Supercharger stalls. [​IMG]

    Though it is at a popular breakfast place and most of the cars leave within 5 minutes. (and new ones arrive ;) )

    Some of them looked a little bit ashamed, and some didn’t care.

    On the way home I’m not going on the longer ferry trip as I did on the way down, I’m going the shorter Ferry trip (but longer drive) through Puttgarden (Germany) – Rödby (Denmark) and I am going to stop at a border shop to fill up some ”needs” for home! (In Sweden we have quite high alcohol taxes, but in Germany they are quite low. Because of the European Union we can import basically as much as we want, but only for ”personal use” without adding any taxes/tolls. [​IMG]

    Could have fitted more, but I’m thinking that this will be enough for this time!

    I just miss the ferry in Puttgarden [​IMG]

    It becomes a small delay on the next ferry. This is the only stop that feels unnecessary, since I want to charge when standing still ;)

    Finally going on the ferry:

    Not any good food on the ferry, the Schnitzel in Germany was a LOT better! [​IMG]

    First stop in Denmark is Nørre Alslev Supercharger [​IMG]

    From there going to Køge Supercharger. I like this style!

    The first stall I tried didn’t work. I moved and the next one worked. Try to report the error but no answer at the number at this time.

    Since I never gone over the ”Öresundbron” (The Bridge between Denmark and Sweden) I take that route:

    Charging at Löddeköpinge Supercharger for a While: [​IMG]

    Birds of a feather stick together?

    Since the Adaptive Cruise/Autopilot means I don’t have to have my feet on the pedals all of the time, I can let my feet get some air ;)
    (Sensitive readers should be warned!)


    Finally back in Sweden I directly see that people are driving differently. Not noticing other traffic (or ignoring them?) [​IMG]

    I had planned a good dinner at the beautiful Lagan/Toftaholm since the visit on the way down was nice.
    But because of Easter they were closed L


    So, some more junk food at Ödeshög Supercharger: [​IMG]

    Just enough charging to get to Tystberga/Silleskrog Supercharger.

    Because of that the Supercharger is only avaible on one side of the Highway, you have to take a detour of about 15 miles. But thanks to the guys at Teslaclub Sweden I had found out about a shortcut. Saves both time and range: [​IMG]

    This time do NOT follow the blue line!

    Last charging before getting home


    The sign says ”You look beautiful” [​IMG]

    Finally home after a really nice Easter-weekend. I learned a lot about Tesla and the Supercharging network on this trip! [​IMG]

    4847 km (3011 miles) later:


    I might have done the math wrong / gotten the wrong info, but during these 3011 miles I have used about the same energy as in about 132 liters (35 gallons) of gas.

    This would mean 104 mpg (Might have done conversions wrong here from metric to imperial?)

    With a gas powered car that has does 35 mpg (and I think that that is a low number for a trip like this) I would have used almost 390 liters (over 100 gallons) of gas.

    Instead I have done the trip emission free using the Tesla Supercharger-network, and I don’t pay anything for the ”fuel” either (the latter is just a bonus)

    In the example with gas above, and the gas prices in Europe at the time it would have cost more than 500 EUR and would have let out a lot more emissions!

    Other thoughts

    I estimate that I have used the Autopilot on about 70-80% of the trip

    This has made me to be able to (after adjusting myself from ”manual” driving all of the time before) be having a relaxed driving experience, without the need of 110% attention to the road all of the time. This makes me feel that I get to the destination, even though long drives every day, and probably combined with the charging stops, well rested!

    I have the Next Gen seats and they work very well for me.
    I could wish for a little better support for my legs, but this is a problem I have in almost all cars I drive.

    I sit comfortable, and I don’t get any more tired in my back or legs than in any other car.
    The Autopilot probably helps here as well, since I can move my sitting position a lot more than if I had to keep my feet at the pedals 100% of the time.

    The charging infrastructure, not counting Teslas Superchargers, at the time was a lot bigger in the rest of Europe than in Sweden. Almost at every stop there was some kind of charging (Chademo) avaible.

    Not having any center console worked good for me: [​IMG]

    But now I was alone in the car, I have later put in a silicone Center Console, to be able to ”sort” things in the console some more.


    The problems I have suffered during the trip have been:
    - Driver assistance features stopped working about 2-3 times. Sometimes restart helped, sometimes it fixed itself. As mentioned above, the camera was later replaced. Tesla Service was very helpful here.

    - Problems with the Mobile connection. Especially in the Alps where the connection gets lost. Restarting the screen every time is something I got tired of. (Note: This is fixed in a later Software update)

    - Tire Pressure Sensor failed. This was also later changed.


    The supercharger network has been working GREAT!

    I did not have to wait at any of the stops, and I thought that I would have to.

    I believe that during a summer vacation I might have to wait some more.

    None of the stops have felt unnecessary, just a quick leg-stretcher or lunch and then of I go again.

    I could have skipped some charging stops, or charged shorter at some stops. But my inexperience at the time made me take the extra time / extra stops.

    Range anxiety has not existed at all. (except in the beginning with getting to the Ferry in time)

    A lot of the stops are not at the most enjoyable places, since they are located at some larger roads. But even If I would have made the trip with an ICE-car, these are the same places I would have stopped for a Toilet break, lunch or for gas. (But not as often)

    I have at some places ”adjusted” the charging stops where I have felt that I wanted to charge longer, like for lunch or dinner. Would be a great function to add this in advance to the Route planner.

    I would love Wi-Fi in the superchargers. Especially since I had some trouble with the 3G/4G so that there is always a good spot for the car to connect for remote troubleshooting.

    Preparing for the next trip

    Well..just get in the car and drive! ;)

    No, but almost. I will take some of the experiences of this trip with me on the next trip.

    I’m hoping for a trip where I don’t have such hard deadlines in both ends.

    I’m thinking about going around in the alps or something like that.
    Driving in the Alps is PURE LOVE!

    Think I would need a steady Co-Driver (read: Girlfriend) to make the most out of a trip like that ;)

    Hope that the translation is readable and that you have enjoyed it.

    Might be some bad ”line breaks” but I’ll try to fix that.

    Thank you for reading this far!


    Edit: I had planned to do some trip like this this Easter (2017) but the time was just not there for me. I’ll see if I will find the time somewhere this spring or Fall!
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  4. daktari

    daktari Member

    Jan 21, 2017
    Thanks for a nice trip review.
    Some questions: what kind of Model S?
    Did you stop at all superchargers or each second one? How long did you charge usually, and what was your SOC arriving and leaving?
    Average consumption was ~250 wh/km, and your average speed just below 150km/h?
  5. Jocce

    Jocce Member

    Oct 31, 2015
    It is a S85D. Got it delivered in early March 2016 (was about 4 weeks old when I did this trip)-

    I stopped at the Chargers that the Routplanner in the navi suggested. In some cases every one, some cases I could pass 2 or 3 Superchargers.
    At some times I did a stop that was not in the Routplanner, because I was hungry or something like that.

    Charging times were everything from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the SoC and where I did the stop.
    Don't have the SoCs at hand right now though, but differed from arriving at anything from 5-10% to 70% depending on were the next Supercharger was.

    Average Consumption about 250wh/km yes, average speed I have no idea.

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  6. croman

    croman Active Member

    Nov 21, 2016
    Chicago, IL
    My family just did an Easter trip that wasn't as ambitious. We went 750 miles and visited 4 superchargers from Chicago to Ithaca NY. It's great going long distance in a Tesla! We have a 750 mile return trip in 2 days.

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