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Stockport service review

Thought it might be useful to give a review of my service experience at Stockport.
MS has been rattling a lot on bumps, grinding on hard acceleration (it’s a Tesla, what other kind of acceleration is there?), and I wanted the CCS upgrade too, just for extra usefulness outside the supercharger network if I fancy trying the third party charger experience. I have had it just under a year, it's a 68 plate S P100D bought from a non-Tesla dealer.

Booked using the app, with maybe a week/ten days wait for a slot, then got a call from Stockport before the booked appointment to run over what I’d entered on the app. They also confirmed I could get the FSD computer upgrade (previous owner paid for that!) - think it's called HW3. Because I wanted a courtesy car it would add a week for a slot - no problem - rebooked on phone, confirmed by app and texts. Another call from them the day before the rebooking mainly to ask for the DVLA licence thing where you get an access code from DVLA, and to let me know the insurance would be third party with a £3000 excess. Ouch. Efficient, polite, all good. All masks and covid-type stuff must be removed from the car before dropping it off. I also emptied the boot and frunk and cleaned it out of courtesy - same as I brush my teeth before seeing the dentist - must be horrible working on dirty cars.
I also mentioned the yellowing on the main screen. Added to the list no problem. They use a UV lamp for 90 minutes to fix that.

In Stockport for 830, looks like they’ve been burgled as the show room floor is empty. The showroom stock has apparently all sold as it was just sitting there depreciating. Back out in five minutes as they’d brought round a tidy white model X for me to play with. Not bad, not bad, I was expecting a gazillion mile MS. They suspected the air struts and driveshafts from the description I'd given - all parts were in stock, and they reckoned all would be done in a day, worst case two.
Software updates, computer changes, front strut replacements, driveshafts swapped, some quite big jobs there.
Promised they'd not wash it, promised they'd not scratch it, so I left them to it and drove away in my gullwing stormtroopers helmet. 150-odd miles of charge on it too - free.

First thing I did was get it on some insurance as 3k excess would worry me. Interesting that all the usual insure-for-a-day sites wouldn't touch a Tesla, so I had to use my wife's insurer to get it covered - £15 for two days cover. Embarrassed my kids picking them up in the spaceship and them having to use the gullwings in public, then got a text 8am the next morning to confirm all was done - less than 24 hours after dropping it off.
I was there by 830, all was explained to me in detail - driveshafts were the source of the grinding noise so updated bits have been fitted, the rattles were the air struts - updated parts fitted (google suggests they may fail again though..), screen sorted, CCS done and adapter left in car, and FSD computer upgraded.
Total cost £280 (CCS upgrade) as it's in warranty.
Outside warranty - I asked what it would have cost... wait for it... no honestly you need to sit down... ok, ready? £9600.
Over 6k of that is the FSD so the struts and drivetrain were maybe 2.5k which for a main dealer isn't that bad I suppose. The fact that the parts are allegedly updated is good - sounds like they're on the ball with improving the cars.

Noises are gone, still a very small creak on speedbumps but that's being really picky, the constant rattle I had on rough roads was really annoying, it's like a new car now. The FSD computer took maybe 10-20 miles to recalibrate the cameras after collecting the car, so AP and cruise weren't available until it had done that while I drove.
Car is undamaged, unscratched, all sorted. FSD does seem more on the ball but I need to play with it a bit to see if there's definitely a difference.

Couldn't fault the service, communications or the ease of dealing with Tesla via the app and on the phone.
The staff at the desk in Stockport are great - clearly under pressure as they have cars everywhere but really helpful and willing to explain stuff and knowledgeable too.
Try asking questions about what the work involves in the usual main dealers and the staff you liase with literally won't have a clue - Tesla are much better.
They even apologised because they'd not had a chance to stick some charge in it before I collected. All good. Recommended!
I'm in Manchester and I have only had good service from them. Kudos.

I have also had a loaner MX P100D almost exactly a year ago.

The day I collected my car [15th March 2016], I was introduced to meet, chat with the service manager, and the same guy is in the job, he helps me from time to time.

No complaints.



PS I have also used Cleevely in Cheltenham and they are good too.
I’ve not had the best experience at Stockport so far, and it’s not always related to parts, although the situation with parts doesn’t help.

I’ve got minor issues that haven’t been rectified and they were initially raised in the app on the 25th September, the day after collection.

Once an appointment has been booked, the communication is good. I’d booked a while you wait appointment for wind noise as I’d found the culprit which they had failed to find in December. I was contacted to say the parts were in for the other September build issues and arranged a full days appointment with a car for a later date. There were no issues in collecting a courtesy car on Friday with a decent amount of charge, however other things have let them down.

I had to escalate it to the manager because when I went to pick it up in the afternoon, they hadn’t even tried to fit the parts that had been delivered and the poor chap on reception clearly hadn‘t seen the history and it probably wasn’t his fault. Once I’d explained the 6 month history to the manager, showed him the emails, and it was checked, I started to see some action and the manager hung around after closing whilst somebody on the late shift tried to sort it all out. Now that it’s been escalated, I’m now more hopeful of a resolution and some genuine service, but it still requires further parts after 6 months and no ETA for the parts.

I know that delivery of parts can be problematic, as Friday wasn’t the first time that they’d supposedly ordered parts to fix it. When I asked about delivery of parts, they said that they are setting up a UK warehouse so parts don’t always need to go via Holland and they will have some stock to hand for certain things, but things are still unpredictable at the moment. There is a job advertised for a supply chain manager for a warehouse operation in Birmingham listed on the Tesla careers web site, so this could be for it.
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I have had a mixed experience with Stockport.

The downside of my experience with them is doubtless lead by the corporate dikats they have to work to, but has meant they have been inflexible and even unhelpful in some cases. One example was a trim coming loose - the plastic/chrome trim which surrounds the windows on my MS. It simply needed re-attaching at the rear with the appropriate adhesive so I asked them to do it with some other work I had booked in. Their proposed solution was to rip it off and replace. Cost £700+ for the chrome strip (and yes, that is before VAT and labour). Suffice to say I did it myself.

The second one concerned a rocking seat - the drivers seat rocks a little back/forward under braking/acceleration. Tesla have a technical bulletin explaining how to fix this, as it was a common problem but not a recall. The remedy involved drilling out a particular fastener and replacing it with a revised version. The bulletin also referred to a kit for that specific purpose.

I showed them the bulletin and asked what they would charge to do that repair. "We don't do that any more, we just put a new seat in." I asked would that mean the problem wouldn't re-occur? "Not necessarily, it could end up the same as you are now" Cost £2,000 plus, with no prospect of a matching seat being available from stock anytime soon (my car is 5 years old and the MS has had at least 3 revisions to the seats since mine). The seat still rocks...
Mixed here... Deep scratch on the front bumper and on roof present at delivery never got fixed - I booked in a few times, and each time they sent me away saying the 'paint guy' (their words) wasn't in. Eventually I gave up.

Rattle reported wasn't looked at seriously.. the car still sounds like a diesel taxi on rough roads.

OTOH when my rear window heater failed and cracked the glass they were efficient and gave me a loaner for the day.. couldn't fault them on that one.

I suspect the issues are coming from tesla corporate, though.. the staff there come across as trying to help.
‘Eck, some differing views there!
One thing that got me was the number of cars onsite - I drove round the back to park and every available space is rammed full. The spares they must carry must be extensive too - I know someone who took delivery of a model X with a cracked roof and they replaced it same day from stock - not many dealers could do that.
If Tesla could get to the point where they can build perfect cars like the Koreans, and end the TVR-like development carried out by customers after delivery I think they’d improve on the JD Power surveys and so on.
Tesla do get a bad rep, I’m quite pleased all went to plan. Ive just got the slight worry of the end of the warranty approaching next year...