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Stranded waiting for tow.

Won't drive any direction. Goes into gear moves half inch and then stops with prnd turning orange. Waiting for tow. Powered car down fully twice. 2013 s85


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Exactly, the battery was never in doubt, but people keep assuming it is 'drivetrain' when it is 'drive unit'.

In practice though does that really just mean it is only the half-shafts that are not included as the 'drive unit' seems to comprise the motor/inverter/gearbox ?
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I know Elon Musk said yes that’s how it’ll work
But for some reason I feel like I remember a thread where an awd Model s had one of its motors fail and the car wouldn’t drive.
I could be wrong.

I remember that tread. I think it had to do with the the front unit being slaved to the rear motor (which would make sense so they don't start doing crazy things independently) So if the brain on the rear unit dies the front won't work either.
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this happened to me a couple of months ago. Car completely stopped running as i was on the highway. Gears turned red. No power to the wheels at all. Dead drive unit. They gave me a new P unit which is supposedly sturdier and less likely to fail. I think it took some of the pep out of my P85 though. Car used to get squirrelly all the time and now nothing.
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