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Strange fluid dripping from MS


Model S - P#15,582
Dec 21, 2012
South Florida, USA
I have a brand new garage floor with my brand new Tesla MS. After about the first 5 days I have started to notice something is dripping just inside the drivers side front wheel. It leaves behind what looks like a rusty water stain. Any clue what this is and how to stop it.?



Well-Known Member
Dec 20, 2012
This may be battery coolant. You should call Tesla service. There is another person on the forum who reported the same thing, and they were told not to drive or charge their vehicle. Tesla picked it up. I will edit the post in a second with a link.

Edit: jomo25 beat me to it. That's the thread.
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S P4996 ==> P02547
Apr 27, 2012
Bradfordwoods, PA
Actually the battery coolant was blue, not orange/yellow. I have something similar, and I see this orange/rusty drip right on my front grill, almost if it is something behind the headlamps, especially after rinsing the car. I just sent a picture to Dave at the Columbus Service Center today.


Recovering Member
Apr 3, 2011
Northern Virginia
I've had AC condensation near the front right on humid days, but it's always clear. Note that there are small radiators behind the shutters next to the fog lights and maybe there's some condensation from there mixing with road dust?


S P4996 ==> P02547
Apr 27, 2012
Bradfordwoods, PA
That is possible, but it is very distinctly colored, and local to that area. Makes me wonder where the color is coming from. I'll definitely post what I hear. Rangers are coming out to install my Rear Seats soon, hopefully they will take a look then.


SpaceX Moderator
Jan 31, 2012
Santa Fe, New Mexico
I'd say you have a very different fluid from Steve841. Your fluid has a definite dirt color to it. Have it identified at a service center or from a ranger but you're probably safe. Steve's car flashed warnings and told him there was a problem. If your car remains silent and you notice no difference yourself then stop in at your convenience.


Active Member
Jan 8, 2013
Aptos, Ca
I've noticed a couple brown patches near where the wheels are after rain. Looked just like this and didn't think much of it.
Although, like you I have a nice new floor and it looked ugly :)


Model S - P#15,582
Dec 21, 2012
South Florida, USA
I was thinking it was AC. Is it located near that wheel? Also the color has me confused. Based in Florida and no reason I would have rust colored dirt from the roads.

Maybe I'll clean it up and see how quick it happens again.


Model S VIN 168
Dec 12, 2010
Lithia, FL
I had exactly the same stain on my floor as well. I also live in Florida. It's the result of the oak tree blooms that fall in my driveway. As the get crushed and when wet get caught in the tires and wheel well. Add to that any condensation from the car and you get a nice coffee looking stain. Wish I had taken a picture, yours is exactly what mine looked like.

OTOH Martini might be right...cup of Starbucks left in the quarter panel.:wink:


Well-Known Member
Nov 26, 2012
WPB Florida
any chance there might be some brake rotor rust "grind off" in there? My rotors get a very light rust covering simply by washing the car. The pads know it off straight away but that dust has to go somewhere.


P100DL - Raven
Mar 3, 2012
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Lola beat me to it. It is also possible that it is brake dust. The big question(s) is/are, has it been raining or snowing in your area that would explain some water getting into and around the wheels? Did you park next to a sprinkler? Had you recently washed your car?


Well-Known Member
Jan 12, 2011
San Luis Obispo, CA
Didn't you start 'garage training' for you new pet? I think you should take some of it, wipe it on the nose of the car, and firmly scold the car for doing that in the garage!

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Cath Jockey in a P85
Mar 17, 2012
Montreal, Canada
I also had some liquid on my garage floor at the level of the driver's front wheel, I assumed that it was water (it had no obvious color aside from having mixed with the winter's worth of dirt on the floor), and it has not occurred consistently.

However, I did notice a bright orange powder in the driver's fog light assembly after having the car pressure washed (touchless automatic) for the first time. I'll try to get a picture if I can. Not sure what it is...

I did not taste it, but can send anyone interested a sample for "dégustation" :biggrin:

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