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Strange Noise Behind Model S Dashboard

Hey fellow Tesla motors club forums users. First time posting here, and asking for advice on a strange noise that developed a few days ago behind my dashboard. Its constantly there with the car on and driving, and when off and parked. The HVAC being on or off doesn't seem to change anything. Any help would be much appreciated. I'd rather fix this myself than driving almost 4 hours round trip. Its a '17 MS 2.0AP and EAP. Attached is a video so you can hear the noise.
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Since it’s unlikely to be tappet noise, I’ll vote for a leaf caught in the AC fan. Are you sure you turned the fan off and not just switched from auto to manual? Most ACs will keep the fan running for a few minutes after shutting off the compressor

if you’re sure it’s not HVAC fan, then something caught in the fans on the AP computer? I have no idea how to reach those…

There just aren’t that many moving parts under the dash.

I’d Remove the cabin air filter and see if you can’t see/hear/find it from that side.
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Alright. Upon taking out the cabin air filter and surrounding bits I found a mouse nest. A bit of fluff got stuck in the autopilot computer cooling fan and was spinning around and contacting the support. I'll gladly upload more pics if theres any interest. I just took out the computer to clean it up and then vacuumed out the surrounding fluff.
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Not really sure I expected to see this in a 3 year old car.
Any experts want to weigh in? Oxidation? Rust? Could thse be steel welds?

Hi @Rostem3 ,

Good catch!!! Welcome to TMC.

I recommend Catchmaster Rat size glue traps...
Sometimes the mice can escape or carry away a mouse size trap.
They are always on duty and do not require resetting or false tripping.

Vermin chewed my main wiring harness in the X and some coolant
hoses to the rear drive unit...
The part prices were not too bad but the repair labor was extensive.

Good luck,