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Stuck in Service Center vortex – anyone w/ Tesla contacts that can help?

Discussion in 'Tesla, Inc.' started by pl804, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. pl804

    pl804 Member

    Mar 3, 2014
    Decided to try out Tesla's new in-house body shop, thinking it would be smoother than using Chilton + rental. Caught in the triple vortex of A New Process, Good Intentions, and Something Else I Don't Understand. Contacted PA SC, [email protected], [email protected], and exec escalation. No response in 3 days, no vehicle. Anyone know someone at Tesla who can help?

    *** Msg to Tesla sent last week ***
    (PA = Palo Alto, SC = Spinnaker Court body shop, VM = voicemail)

    Made an appointment last week to drop off my car for body repair at Spinnaker Court.

    Tuesday: I dropped the car at PA. Oddly, the file was empty. Intake didn't know it was headed to SC. We updated the file and added a broken vent that hadn't been fixed on a prior service visit. For SC, I was told I'd get a call re: insurance, etc.

    PA provided a Q5. Over the next day, I drove it twice and both times was badly bitten while driving (bed bugs? body lice?). Bites are still visible and have (embarrassing) photos if helpful (or you just want a good laugh).

    Wednesday: Family was headed out on vacation, so I parked the Q5 in San Jose where we rented an RV. Sent this email address info re: Q5 issues, requesting a replacement. Never got a reply.

    Thursday: Mark/PA left a VM that the vent was fixed, car was headed to SC.

    Friday: Bryan/PA left a VM that my S was ready. I was surprised w/ the quick turnaround, so called and spoke w/ Matt/PA. Scheduled a 4p delivery at the San Jose address to get my S and return the Q5. Asked Matt/PA for info on the body repair, since I still hadn't heard anything from SC.

    Matt emailed back that the VM was a mistake and the body work was incomplete. Asked if we could swap the Q5, but Matt/PA had to release the 4p slot b/c there were no cars available and had nothing available rest of day. Asked if any cars from nearby SCs or Enterprise were available. Matt/PA called back. Graciously offered to send an Uber/Lyft to the RV site, would take me to PA where a replacement car would be ready. We set the time for 455p b/c of an impt work dinner at 630p. Waited 1/2 hr on the sidewalk, car did not show. Sent several messages, no replies/updates. Called an Uber/Lyft, went home to shower, arrived at work dinner late. Sent several emails last night/today for an update, no reply.

    Open issues (desc. priority):

    1. Replacement car. Had been told by PA that SC would work like a regular body repair w/ a loaner or rental, but am currently carless and picking up Uber/Lyft tabs.

    2. Q5 pick up. Sitting in front of private residence (not mine), emailed PA that would ideally get moved today. I still have Q5 keys, waiting for instructions on dropping it off, getting replacement car. Notified Matt/PA, Mark/PA of time available today, waiting for reply.

    3. Replacement car seats. Writing these off b/c of the insects/bugs in the car. No way to drive my kids around, but also no vehicle per #1 above.

    4. Getting update from SC. No info re: timing, insurance, etc.

    Appreciate help on the above issues.
  2. pl804

    pl804 Member

    Mar 3, 2014
    Update: Called in to the main service line this afternoon. Spoke w/ Cherie, who was great. She was getting off but promised to follow up on this before leaving. PA called and provided a loaner vehicle and coordinated on the other issues. Still waiting for an update on my S, but glad to have a set of wheels and a set of eyes on my S.
  3. Barklikeadog

    Barklikeadog Member

    Jul 13, 2016
    Hopefully your car doesn't collect dust for a month

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