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STUFFY Air conditioning

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Model X has an air conditioning system that is not working properly. when everything set to Auto, the car will get really stuffy - lack of oxygen when more than 2 person is in the car. In addition, when the temperature outside is hot, with only 2 people in the car, the rear compartment air conditioning will not come on. This should be a very smart car with ability to detect how many occupants are in the car and adjust the fan and bring in enough fresh air automatically.

I took it to shop and what they told me to do was even more ridiculous. Just set the air conditioning manually. When more people, then adjust the fan speed higher. That's really not a Tesla should be. Able to fly people to space and not able to make an air conditioning system work.
The car does detect no one is sitting in the back with only 2 ppl. That is why the rear air is not on. This is one of the smart designs to reduce energy consumption.

Try turning off range mode. Range mode greatly reduces AC output to reduce consumption.

The lack of oxygen comment doesn't make sense. The AC primarily runs pulling air from the outside; not recirc.
The advice your got might be good. The computer sets the interior circulation and fan speed to what it considers the optimum settings. If you wish additional airflow, or to other parts of the car, you should set them manually to your preferences.

Teresa likes her side of the car different than I do, so we also switch off the SYNC function, and she dials in her own preferences.Simple and easy to do, and we are both comfortable.

My last trip to Hong Kong was in an unusually hot and moist weather pattern. Had to crank up the A/C in our rental car to maximum to just survive.