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Subwoofer? Is that what the hole is for?

Which Subwoofer condition is yours?

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Question for Everyone.

Please be honest. This is a Poll to possibly find out why the following hole is preset in "some" model 3's.

Starting June/July 2019 the hole disappeared. My build is July 2019, no hole. Unscientifically, there seems to be less road noise coming from the rear trunk space but also less bass from the woofers. Noticeable difference when seats are folded down vs. up.
On another forum, a user Ingineer had this to say:

"FYI: Blocking off the rear deck grille, means your HVAC will not work very well. You need to provide an exit path for air entering the car, and that's the function of that opening."

Ingineer knows a lot about how these cars are put together. He's completely disassembled one, and you can check out his videos here.

Now, having said all that, the post I quoted above was from Jan 2019 before cars started shipping without the hole. Tesla may have changed their ventilation approach.