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Suggested EV Apps

Paging Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard... okay, back on topic... I have all of these below but I've not used them yet, and don't know if they are needed with the expansion of the Supercharger network. However, for the expenditure of $20 or so, you can set yourself up in all of them, and then pay nothing monthly and be ready in case you ever want to use one of them somewhere across the country:

Blink Needs CC
Chargepoint Needs CC
EV Connect
EVgo Needs CC $4.95
Greenlots Needs CC $5
Semaconnect Needs CC $10
It's all about insurance and where you drive. I would look at the Supercharger map and then Plugshare to see where you are going to drive and whether the Superchargers cover where you are going to be.

I can think of a lot of parts of North America where SuC's don't do the trick. But a lot of it, they do.
Learning curve for this newbie is steep. Sometimes bewildered, many options…

Appreciate knowing recommended EV charging cards & companies. Ready to download apps for June 2018 S100D delivery in San Francisco. THANX up front …

It all depends on where you live and go. Look at some of the apps such as PlugShare and see what the chargers in the areas that you want to travel are. Also, some of the companies support non-members with just a credit card.
It all depends....
PlugShare is a must have. I have a chargepoint account (which I use daily), as well as an evgo and blink account.

I've never used evgo (they have evgo at the local malls, but the level 2 charging is free/doesn't need the app, and I don't have the chademo adapter). I have used blink exactly once when I signed up (to try the chargers at Ikea, which were terrible).

So... charge point and plug share + superchargers are all you really need IMO ;-)
There is a large void of SuC in north central Washington State. We used this one at the Pine Near campground in Winthrop WA on a trip thru Washington State and Oregon. It offered more kW and better food/drink options than the Tesla destination charger at Sun Mountain Lodge.

Pine Near RV Park & Campground ~ Tipis, Mining Shack Cabins, Cottages, Houses, Laundry

These are provided by North Central Washington Economic Development District.

Plug-In NCW – Winthrop, WA EV Charging Station

The campground is a 2 block walk to good food and craft brews! The campground attendant is SO nice. She even offered to watch our dogs while we walked into town.