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Suggestion: Tesla should change the name P85D to I85D and L85D

The 85 (or 60 or 90) is significant. The D is significant.

But the P merely points to Performance which is no longer enough. My suggestion is to use

S85D for Sport 85D (the current 85D)
I85D for Insane 85D
L85D for Ludicrous 85D

Some may argue that it's a small difference in performance specs but if someone is shelling out $10,000 more, I think they deserve a special badge to show it off.

p.s. P85D could come back again if they ever release a Plaid mode :)
I'll be surprised if Tesla leaves the Ludicrous cars completely unmarked, but at the same time Tesla has a lot of reputation around the P85D already and changing that designation would muddy the impression left in the public consciousness.

I've seen several folks on the forum using P85DL/P90DL to represent the Ludicrous equipped cars, which made a lot of sense to me. :)