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Suggestions for GPS

The user-friendly experience of the Tesla GPS is very good. However, based on prior GPS systems, I’m wondering if Tesla already has the capability to do a couple of extras -- for example, to have Tesla remember favorite places. One of these prior systems would allow me to “Mark this location”, and that would remain in favorites. The advantage of this is if you wanted to mark a location that did not have a proper address, but the system would remember based on GPS coordinates.

The prior system would also remember all of the prior addresses entered which could be categorized for easy retrieval. For those using their car for work/sales, that would seem to be a benefit, so one does not have to dictate the “navigate to…” every single time.

It would be interesting to hear other suggestions for navigation upgrades.
I used Garmin GPS units prior to getting the Model 3. I have to say, the GPS map is awesome, but the method of storing, searching or anything else related to the GPS is far inferior to the Garmin interface. There's no grouping of destinations, when you do a verbal search it doesn't search the entered 'favorites' but does an online search. I have my mother in law's address entered, but when I tried to search for it, all that was listed were things that sort of sounded like it, and were not even close.

When you look into the list of favorites, they're alphabetical with no option to resort any other way. I really liked that Garmin listed the closest places first. Not searching within the saved favorites is a real inconvenience, especially while driving.

Being able to group destinations was another really helpful feature. These things aren't be too complex to implement.