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Summon is AWESOME!

Our Model X was delivered on Saturday, super excited. Drove it home and we had trouble getting it into the garage. We have a fairly large open garage but it has 2 eight ft. doors. I swore we measured before we bought and thought we had plenty of room. Turns out, even with the rear view mirrors pulled in, we only have about 1 1/2 inches on each side (that 8' opening has trim and gaskets that reduces the space). Finally got it in after about 15 mins and a lot of maneuvering. Same thing Sunday. Today (Monday) my wife said this isn't going to work, I'm not leaving the car outside but we can't get it in the garage. She was even nervous pulling it out since you can't really see the hood. I told her when I get home from work we'll give 'Summon' a try. Set it up to work from the key fob. Backed up within about 8 ft. of one of the garage doors doing a fair job of centering it. Had no clue what was going to happen. Was it going to work? If so, once past the door, was it going to try and 'center' itself in the wide open garage? Gave it a shot. My wife was on 1 side and I was on the other. Held the lock down until the emergency flashers started flashing and then hit the trunk button. MX powered up, started backing up, adjusted and centered itself, and then hit the little raised lip at the entrance. It hesitated a bit, backup up over the lip and continued to back up. Front tires did the same thing. Once in the garage it accelerated slightly until it got within 12" of the back wall and stopped (exactly where we set it up to stop). We looked at each other, mouths wide open and laughed! Summoned it out. Flawless. Tried it again, and again, and again (you got the idea). Went to dinner. Came home, backed up to within about 8' of the garage. Summoned it in.... FLAWLESS. Wow, who would have thought how important summon would be to us. Hats of Tesla, fantastic feature!
I'm glad it's working well for you and hope it stays that way. I've had very limited success getting mine to pull in through my 8 ft door, and I don't have much trouble driving through it myself with the mirrors still out. I think summon has worked three times total, on three different versions, and failed every other time I've tried it, and that's with it set to the tight tolerances. I haven't tried it on the last couple versions where the radar seems to be more sensitive and it makes even more noise while I pull in than it used to.
I have tried once to summon my X through the 8' wide single garage door. As car approched the garage opening, it turned the wheel toward the wall which almost gave me heart attack. :).. never tried it again.

May be i will try again after looking at your success yet. Did you enter the garage in reverse or pull forward?

I backed it in. I squared it up with the opening (close to center but not exact) and about 6'-8' away from the opening (left enough for it to maneuver). Haven't done it a lot (maybe a dozen times), but it worked every time. Twice when it hit the raised lip it stopped and I had to restart Summon but other than that, no issues at all.