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Summon, snow and a narrow garage PSA

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Joe F

Disruption is hard.
Sep 19, 2016
Outside Philly
This was a first for me, and I don't recall ever seeing anyone having this issue. After driving home last Saturday in a heavy, wet snow storm with large clingy flakes, I manually parked in my garage, offset to one side so I could open the door enough to exit. Normally I just use summon to pull forward into the garage, but didn't want to trust the sensors as they were coated heavily enough that they, as was the radar, were questionable. In fact, the radar gave up after a few minutes in the drive.

The heads up is, after sitting for a week, I could not get summon to back out of the garage as the snow melting over time had rusted the parking brake to the rotor to the point it would not release. Even when I got in the car to back it out, creep mode was not able to break it free. I had to give it a lot of power to get it moving.

\While I, as no doubt all of us, have experienced the parking brake "slick" only to release with a bang after being wet and slightly rusted, this is the first time I could not get summon to provide enough power to release.

Bottom line, if you have a narrow garage and use summon to park, and you have even less than an inch of snow on the car, you may not be able to summon back out, and if narrow enough, you probably won't be able to open the door to drive it out. Park manually, and offset to one side.