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Sunroof crooked, won't "sit" flat

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I open my sunroof on the way to work every day. I love it. On the way home from work yesterday, I noticed a terrible wind noise on the highway, reminded me of the time I accidentally drove on highway with my sunroof still in "vent". When I got home, sure enough the sunroof hadn't closed properly. It still opens and closes smoothly but just doesn't "seat" evenly in the back. I can actually see light through the crack so I know it's not possibly watertight.

I scheduled mobile service - they can come out next week. However, I have a road trip before then, so I have to use my car as-is. Not only do I hate the thought of driving hundreds of miles with that terrible noise, but I don't want to get caught in the rain with a partially closed roof. I've opened and closed it a bunch, and it still seems to sit funny and not seal, no matter where I press on the roof when it's closing. None of seals look or feel obviously compromised or damaged.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting? I wish I could get it serviced prior to my road trip but I'm just going to have to get it to close as well as possible in the meantime and hope for the best. I'm hoping someone who may have had a similar problem could share some insight.

Here's the back:

And the front:

With it open:

View from right rear, showing the left rear is tilted/higher than the right rear:
Update: I pleaded my case to service about the circumstances of my must-do road trip (death in the family) and Mobile was able to squeeze me in. It turned out that the bolts holding the sunroof glass has backed out slightly and were contacting the sunroof guides just enough to prevent it from closing all the way. He tightened the bolts and now it works perfectly.
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