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Supercharger - Alachua, FL

Do you have a source for this information, or are you basing this on Tesla's Find Us map listing Alachua, FL as "coming soon"?
It seems it would be safe to assume it’s coming soon based on Tesla’s find us map but I could not find applications for permitting yet. There’s a lot of very clean, convenient and safe locations in that area of Alachua for superchargers in the spot indicated on the map
Permit filed 2 weeks ago for a 12-stall Supercharger at the Hitchcock's grocery store on the 441. Permit currently on hold due to pending fees.

The Approval of the permit was complete 2 16 2022. The location is Hitchcocks in Alachua. Close by Taco Bell, Moe's, MI apa, domino's, subway, mexican, Chinese and a grocery store. Decent location.


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YAY! More superchargers in my backyard! This is going to be great for those traveling through the Gainesville area. The Archer Road supercharger gets SO busy on the weekends and on football game days. :) Now if we could only get a supercharger in Palatka, FL.
Construction has begun in the Hitchcocks supermarket parking lot. Walking distance to Subway, Taco Bell, Moes, mexican, italian, and cuban restaraunts. Good location.
Yup! Here is a video I recorded tonight and a photo:

New supercharger off interstate 75 in Alachua Florida. 1/2 way between Gainesville and Lakecity supercharger. No information on permitting yet
Looks to be about 25% complete. Probably gonna be about 24 stalls.


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