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Supercharger - Big Spring, TX

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Jul 11, 2020
Tex 📐
Nice splitter! Might even enable skipping Midland, aka Mordor.

Yes, it is a Splitter!

Splits 113.5 miles on I-20, 48.8 miles from Midland, TX and 65.5 miles to Sweetwater, TX.

The mini-splitter under construction in Clyde, TX and this, are cutting the gaps west of Fort Worth, TX.
But there will still be 2 more gaps over 100 miles to go on I-20.

Big Spring, TX

Host Type: Mall
Host: College Park Shopping Center
Along Primary Interstates: I-20
Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): None*
Along Auxiliary Interstates: None


From: Midland, TX - 48.8 miles
To: Sweetwater, TX - 65.5 miles
Diversion: 0.8 miles
From: Pecos, TX - 139 miles
To: Clyde, TX - 119.7 miles

* OK, so really it's along US-87, just not by my strict rules. US-87 is on a parkway that loops around on the opposite side of Big Spring, TX so this Supercharger is just over 5 miles from the nearest point on US-87.
But it will actually _cut_ 1.8 miles off, at a cost of 5 minutes time.

Paintgress? They have spots labeled 1 - 16.
Based on the photos @WFrank posted, it looks like the location is closer to the grocery store and gas station, which seem to be the most useful businesses for travelers in this shopping center. There is what looks like an abandoned small commercial building right next to the site, this could be a great opportunity for someone to open a restaurant.

@corywright @tes-s Please update the location of this site to 32.258114, -101.453323.

Lots off progress with the Supercharger Cabinets in place and most of the Charging Posts mounted


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Latest photos showing “Van Assessable” stall, which probably will allow charging with a trailer. Some excavation going on out near the road. Not sure what that would be for, but progress continues.


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