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Supercharger - Boca Raton, FL

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New permit filed for a Supercharger at Boca Raton Town Center (6000 Glades Rd).

Boca Raton.jpg
I think the Tesla store at town center mall is on its way out. The new facility being built in Delray Beach should displace it. I seem to recall at one time, Tesla had superchargers at town center, but not any more. I recall seeing them in the parking garage near Nordstrom's or Bloomingdales. That was long before my first Tesla purchase. I will have to drive by Bloomingdales this week, just to make sure they aren't hiding in the parking garage there since I already checked the garage at Nordstrom's. Maybe they just had a level 2 charger there to support the store. I seem to recall at least 2 stalls though...
Electric-donut, I agree with your recollection. I haven't been to the Town Center Mall in quite some time but I believe Tesla had level 2 chargers to support their own demonstrator vehicles.

I was hoping this SC would be built because it would get a lot of usage. I know that in nearby West Palm Beach, the SC at the Palm Beach Gardens Mall has very high usage and is common for folks to sit in line waiting for a charger to free up.
Yes they still have chargers for their demo’s. I live just a couple of miles from there and we really need another charger around here. The one at Wawa in Deerfield has eight chargers and is almost always full and with a line waiting
Its nice that they would be covered, but that doesn't provide much visibility while driving around trying to locate it. As a passer through, navigation may tell me chargers are in the area of the parking garage, but I still need to be able to find them. At least when they are in an open parking lot, they aren't too hard to find. Maybe they will come up with a plan for signage. That would be novel...

It doesn't sound like solar will providing any power then. Then again, I drove by last night and saw work out front along Glades in the NE corner of the lot. It was dark so I couldn't tell what was happening there either. Given the infrastructure upgrades needed to power a bunch of chargers, I would think Tesla would be co-located with EVGo.
I did a drive by on the EVgo charges at Town Center today and I saw the blocked off area at the other end of the garage. I was able to see into the area and it looks like store material for building crap displays inside the mall. No charger building materials... The work I saw along Glades appears to have completed with no signs of Tesla. I guess we still have to keep an eye on it.

Tesla updated supercharger map to show a Q4-2022 completion date, so they appear to be moving forward.