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Supercharger - Champaign, IL - West Kirby Avenue

Thomas Galyen, a member of the Central Illinois Tesla Owners Group on Facebook, posted a photo tonight of a brand new install on the west side of Champaign, IL. It's located in the County Market parking lot at 2901 W Kirby Ave in Champaign. So far, I just have the one photo. It looks to be at least 12 stalls. One member commented that these stalls look pretty tall. I'd be very pleasantly surprised if they are version 4, but I'm not holding my breath.

For anyone who is more familiar, does this look like the pre-fabricated ones that they can quickly drop in? Someone in the comments on Facebook said they had joked yesterday about maybe it's going to be a Supercharger. That to me sounds like yesterday there was nothing there as far as stalls to tell them it was going to be a Supercharger, and today there are stalls there.

I'm adding this location to Supercharge.info and linking to this thread.


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It does look pre-fab.

See the photo below is from the Sulphur, LA thread. That site is also using prefab:

The height looks normal. The nearest worker may be relative short, and the stalls are raised, making it look taller. The v2/v3 stalls are apparently 5 feet 5 tall total (Tesla V4 Supercharger design and dimensions) with the handle positioned so that even when the pedestal is raised, the handle is never more than 48" off the ground.

Not exactly close to an exit (4.7 mile, 9 1/2 minute diversion), but looks like an easy drive on Streetview.
Google says the grocery store is open 6am to 11pm, McDonalds 5:30am to 11pm most days).
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